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2014-Logo-300x300Project PROMise™ is the Highline Schools Foundation’s outreach program in which new and gently used formal dresses are collected from our community so local students in need can attend their prom in style!
Organizers are currently seeking donations; here are some ttems our students need:

  • Beautiful new & gently worn formal dresses and gowns; spring colors preferred, larger sizes needed
  • Beautiful new & gently worn shoes
  • Jewelry and handbags
  • Gift cards for services like hair-dos and manicures

February is Dress Drive Month!

Item Drop Off Locations:

  • Burien Community Center: 14700 6th Ave SW, Burien
  • Highline Schools Foundation: 15675 Ambaum Blvd SW, Burien Highline High School: 225 S. 152nd St, Burien
  • Lucky U Consignment & Boutique: 915 SW 1652nd St, Burien Evergreen Campus: 830 SW 116th St, Seattle
  • Mount Rainier High School: 22450 19th Ave S, Des Moines Tyee Campus: 4424 S. 188th St, SeaTac

Don’t have a dress but want to make a donation? You can make a make a secure, encrypted credit card donation at — or call Highline Schools Foundation at 206-248-5196.

Are you interested in volunteering at this year’s event? Send an email today and they’ll put you on this year’s invite list –
Sponsorships are also welcomed and needed – Project PROMise 2014 Sponsor Opportunities are available!

Highline Schools Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable corporation and your donation is tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by the law. Tax ID # 91-2020506

BTB photographer Michael Brunk has covered previous events and assembled the following gallery of photos. You can click individual thumbnails to view high resolution images:

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20 replies on “Donations needed for Highline Schools Foundation’s ‘Project PROMise’”

  1. Doesn’t prom attendance require the purchase of tickets? How are the tickets being paid for? It seems like the end goal here is for the school district to obtain more money as a result of our donations. (And yes, I realize many high school students also seek to benefit as they place value on attending prom and creating a memorable experience, however overrated).
    Secondly, professional hair-dos and manicures are not at all required to attend prom. I would think a monetary donation would be more useful elsewhere. This is of course much different than donating actual items already in your possession that are no longer useful to you.

    1. Thinking Aloud –
      I think I understand what you are trying to say, and I also think you are totally off-base. You say:
      “It seems like the end goal here is for the school district to obtain more money as a result of our donations.”
      I believe that the cost of a ticket to the prom simply goes to cover the expense of an off-site space (if not being held on-site) decorations, sound and lighting equipment, a DJ, party favors, refreshments, paper programs, etc. Even if there is money raised above the expenses to put on the prom, in my experience, that money goes into the ASB funds which benefits the Associated Student Body. Not the district. Not the teachers. Not the administration. The students.
      Project Promise is a wonderful way to provide an opportunity for young ladies who wish to participate in a milestone event, who might otherwise find it financially prohibitive. These are students who perhaps have felt like “have-nots” in their lives. If my donation can help even one young lady feel like her community cares about her and she chooses to pay it forward, then it is certainly worthwhile.
      Please go rain on someone else’s parade. Your thinly veiled attempt to conflate this wonderful program with the school bond issue is shameful.

    2. Doesn’t prom attendance require the purchase of tickets? How are the tickets being paid for?
      Sounds like you are insinuating that the district pays for them, if so, maybe you should keep your thinking a little more quiet before people realize your ignorance

  2. Volunteers make this happen – not the school district! This is a private non profit that is doing this to make prom more affordable so more can participate. By taking the cost of the dress out of the event, the tickets become more affordable. District fund are not involved!

  3. I understand it’s a nonprofit. Thanks though. My point is to say that donations are ultimately helping to raise money for the school district. And as I said above, I think it’s a fine way to repurpose prom-related items people want to give away. When it comes to monetary donations however, and all the potential uses for them, I think they would best be utilized elsewhere instead of going towards manicures, etc. Apparently that’s an unpopular thought. =)

    1. No, you are wrong. Not a penny goes to the school district. I’ve worked on this event. The dresses (and a some shoes, bags, jewelry) are handed off to the girls. That is the majority of the event. When I worked it there were a few gift cards from local businesses that were given out for hair and makeup – I think raffle style. This is wonderful event. All the girls and parents were very appreciative and it was a joy to work.

    2. why would you care what the “donated” money is used for, you sure as hall arent giving any so why does it even concern you?

  4. As stated, this is run by the Highline Schools Foundation, and any funds donated would be earmarked specifically for this program. The funds would be used to purchase more dresses or shoes, if needed, as well as to buy supplies or equipment needed to host this event. The money is not used to buy manicures for all in attendance. If any such gift cards are donated, they will be used for a raffle. I have been involved with this event for several years, and it is a very worthwhile endeavor, run on a very bare bones budget and lots of hard work by many volunteers!

  5. I also would not support this because this seems to give some girls the wrong idea in life. When they feel they have to put on a expensive dress and bunch of make up and perfume to get attention from who ever is just not the idea these future women need in there head.

      1. Well Betsy dressing children in skimpy dresses showing off there body when there under the age of 18 is not appropriately dressing for any child under the age of 18 they should never be dress in that way. It just gives sex offender’s more to look at. Now would want some like that looking at your child I know I don’t. So if that’s how there so called friends want to dress then they should look for new friends.
        and if you look at it how many of these girls end up waking up naked in a hotel the next morning having no clue of happen the night before

    1. The wrong idea in life??????? Tell me, what is this wrong idea in life you are referring to?
      A girls high school prom is a huge deal for most of them and personally I think its great that some of the underprivileged girls that would have to turn down an invite to go (or just want to go but cant) because of money issues have a chance to feel great for at least one night. Sure beats them sitting home feeling shamed because their family just doesnt have the money. Something like this could alter their life for the better, make then feel better about themselves, about people and giving and maybe even pay it forward.
      Jimmy, I try and not give you crap like some folks here do but the more of you I read, the more of them (that give you crap) I understand.
      Try thinking something positive if even for just once in your life instead of trolling.

      1. wow your accusing me of trolling and here you are posting a reply on two other comments in this story get a life ok I don’t agree with this if you that’s find I don’t see the point in it you might who knows why who cares ok

        1. Jimmy,
          Did you “try” and understand what you wrote because I tried reading (and understanding) it about 5 or 6 times and finally just threw my hands in the air and gave up.
          You may have a future with the military.
          You just might the one they need to write the next enigma code.
          And I care.

          1. Don’t worry anonymous people online tend not to be able to understand people with a different opinion then them.
            Why even waste my time when you will just come back some childish comment. Because I don’t agree with donating money that could possibly lead to someone making a bad choice in life sorry that is just my opinion on this story sorry that you and few don’t agree with me that’s find

  6. Is there something like this for the guys? Tuxedos, limos, etc aren’t cheap not to mention guys are just as insecure in their self esteem at that age (if not more). Glad I never went. Didn’t miss a thing.

      1. Priced it at the time. Couldn’t afford it nor could my parents. Went to to my part time job instead which was far more fulfilling anyway.

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