PCC’s customers and workers are like family, and PCC stores are essential parts of our communities.

But after PCC’s CEO opposed pandemic hazard pay, PCC frontline workers Donna Rasumussen and Laurae McIntire decided to run for election to the co-op’s board. They want to make sure they and their co-workers have a voice.

Because they talk to hundreds of customers each day, Donna and Laurae say they also want to communicate the positive and negative feedback they hear from PCC customers.

Donna is both a PCC member and worker. She brings more than 40 years of experience in direct customer service, including 7 years as a checker at PCC.

She says “Many of our members were surprised and unhappy when PCC’s CEO opposed hazard pay for us frontline workers during the pandemic. PCC could join other community co-ops like Central Market and put employees on the board to help avoid missteps like this in the future.” Read more about Donna.

Laurae, a PCC member for more than 40 years, is also a PCC checker and trainer. With experience in accounting and running her own small business, she brings a deep commitment to PCC’s core values, and health and safety.

She says “PCC has been expanding so fast recently, focusing on opening new stores and big remodels. That’s great, I’m happy for us to grow. But we need people with direct PCC retail experience on the board to make sure PCC stays committed to LGBTQ inclusion, racial equity, and justice for workers all along the supply chain, including those in our own stores.” Read more about Laurae.

Now it’s up to PCC members to decide. Electronic voting starts April 8 and ends May 2nd. PCC members should check their email for their electronic ballots.

Learn more at PCCVoterGuide.org.

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