Former South King Media Intern Bryan Shickley has been creating ‘Portraits of Puget,’ some samples of which he is sharing with us. Bryan was a student at Burien’s Big Picture High School, and he interned for us for three or so years, starting in 2011 (view his previous blog work here). Since graduating, this talented young man earned a Bachelor of Arts with an emphasis on Fine Art and Animation from Evergreen College. In our humble opinion, Bryan’s skills have improved exponentially, very near the level of Disney/Pixar quality (for comparison, check out his first Art we posted on Jan. 3, 2011). Most recently, Bryan has been focusing his skills on comic book work. “I have been finding more and more employment in the realm of comic book inking, a medium of incredibly high contrast – there is black and there is white – which makes portrayal of an image that much more difficult and specific to render,” Bryan told us. “I then took out my artistic angst on some local sights of Puget Sound and tricked Scott Schaefer into posting my work. Please enjoy.” Click images to view larger versions/slideshow of his ‘Portraits of Puget’: Aerial view of the Burien Library, a great source of inspiration for my current work. The famous Tin Theater at sunset, a great deal of nuanced purples over a vibrant autumn color scheme. Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Northwest Realty, our neighbors and longtime Real Estate Sponsors…an experiment with lens flares and flora textures. The Des Moines waterfront and fishing pier, an experiment with clouds and waves. What on earth even is this water tower in Des Moines? It allowed me to work with silhouettes. Mt Rainier from Kent. an experiment with layers and separating them. Some sort of sign. Showing off foliage skills with a high contrast. Paying tribute to the more talented artists. A sunset at The Cove. Looks almost nuclear. A heavily outlined interpretation of the White Center Sign More work with foliage, a mixture of calm pastel yellow and a fierce amount of rose. Bryan also produced this video, which includes some handy advice for other Artists: [embed][/embed] If you would like to see any more of Bryan Shickley’s work, you can follow him on any of these platforms:


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