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Hi Recology,
Spring is here and I’m ready to start my home compost pile. Can you help me figure out where to start?
Thanks, Megan

Hi Megan! We would love to help.

Compost is nutrient rich soil that will help grow healthy plants and restore damaged soil. Springtime and summertime are the perfect time to make compost for your garden quickly. The warm temperatures and increase in humidity will help make it easy for piles to heat up and break down fast.

To create your compost green and brown material. Green material: vegetable and fruit scraps, green lawn clippings, coffee grounds. Brown material: leaves, straw, wood chips, dry grass, coffee filters, newspaper.

The materials should be as small as possible to speed the process of the material breaking down. Shred or chop materials prior to adding them. Turn your compost every day or two with a shovel. This will provide the pile oxygen! This will allow the organisms that break down your pile to remain alive.

Compost also needs water; your pile should be damp and moist to the touch. A proper compost pile should feel like a damp sponge when you touch it. Make sure not to over water your pile.

If you are not into making your own compost pile, place food scraps, yard waste and food soiled paper into your Recology compost cart. Then head to your local hardware store and pick up a bag of Cedar Grove compost to use in your garden.

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