On June 1, 2023, Larson Family Medicine & Medical Aesthetics – led by Margaret Larson, ARNP, MSN, FNP-C – announced suddenly that it was closing both its Burien and Bellevue offices permanently.

In April, 2022, Larson Family Medicine celebrated its 60th anniversary of doing business in Burien.

But on Thursday, their doors were locked, staff gone, office empty, voicemail boxes full, with little to no further information available.

This notice was posted on the front of Larson Medical Aesthetics website.

This statement was posted on their Facebook page on June 1, 2023:

“The staff, Dr. Finn and I have had the great honor of serving you and feel blessed to have known you.

“Unfortunately, there are circumstances beyond my control and I must close the practices in Burien and Bellevue permanently.

“God Bless and take care,
“Sincerely, Margaret L Larson, MSN, ARNP, FNP-C”

We reached out to communications staff for Larson, as she had been a sponsor with us, but we have not yet received a response (if and when we receive further information, we’ll update this post).

Long History of Larson Family Medicine

“Larson Family Medicine first began in 1962 by Roger K. Larson, MD, FP-BC after he served in the air force. Dr. Larson had a vision for a full scope Family Practice in Burien, WA while being a husband and father to five children. Margaret L. Larson, ARNP, MSN, FNP-C came to work with him again in 2006 and this time a board-certified family nurse practitioner. In 2007 she introduced the medical aesthetics into the practice. She is now the owner of the privately owned practice and carries on his legacy. She continues to accept new patients yet some patients have been going to Larson Family Medicine for over 50 years.

“In 2012 Roger K. Larson retired and his daughter Margaret L. Larson became the new owner of what we now know as Larson Family Medicine & Medical Aesthetics.”

In 2018, Margaret received the top Washington Family Practice Nurse Practitioner Award and Top Bellafill Injector in the World award.

“A commitment to safety and providing the most appropriate services for each patient are more important than ever,” according to their website. “Larson Medial Aesthetics is proud of their many positive client reviews along with industry awards and recognition for excellence. You can feel confident entrusting your care to their experienced team.”

We hope that despite the sudden closure, Larson and her staff will make a successful transition to new endeavors, strengthened by the gratitude of their many satisfied patients.

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20 replies on “B-TOWN BIZ: After over 61 years in business in Burien, Larson Family Medicine & Medical Aesthetics suddenly closes”

  1. Some information would be nice. Some of us payed for services in advance and are out hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

  2. Multiple clients impacted as there were banked monies for product in the $$$thousands not addressed with zero communication….
    Leads one to think will this now be considered theft?
    Or will there be as an individual purportedly considered a stand up member of our community.. the honorable thing done?
    With such a legacy we shall more than hope so.

  3. It’s hard to write a thoughtful comment when you receive an email the day before they close their doors with a phone number that goes directly to voicemail and no mention of reimbursement for money on account for banked product.

  4. Sad to see them close, I liked all the girls there – Dr. Larsen especially. I, too, have a substantial credit ($2000) for services I paid for in advance. Hoping this will be resolved in a timely, fair way! It would be a shame to negate all the years of good she did in the community by something like this.

  5. I cannot imagine what is going on with Margaret. Can only assume what it is. She was wonderful. I too, have over 1K$$ in credit and oy hope she will repay us. It is a very dishonorable way to go.

  6. I have always been very pleased with the services, however I have significant money banked with them and would like information on how it’s going to be returned to me. Can you look into it please?

  7. I also have thousands of dollars worth of prepaid services, as they were advertising pre-paid service packages up until less than 15 days before they closed (May 17th, 2023). Margaret did text me back and said “Unfortunately, I won’t be able to help you. Take care, Margaret” and “I am so sorry”

    Is anyone compiling a case against them? What they have done to sell us these prepaid packages and then close without notice is theft.

  8. If anyone is compiling a case, I am hopeful that some sort of notification can be sent? I also have banked services and would like reimbursement.

  9. One thing we can do is call better business bureau and report it. If enough of us file a complaint we can make a class action law suit. The last communication I received from Margaret was that ‘the court’ will be notifying me regarding the request for credit?? My lawyer said it sounds like bankruptcy possibly!

  10. I received an email from Margaret on June 6th stating she would put me on the list for her attorney.
    I agree that we should contact the BBB. Thank you for your suggestion to do so.

  11. Does anyone have any updates or information regarding what happened here? I too have credit banked and have left phone and and email messages with no reply.

  12. Hi Peg , can i please get the Attorneys name also that Margret emailed you about getting reimburse , its so not fare someone will take money and can just walk away

  13. The last comment about Margaret giving her attorneys name, can you pass on that information to the rest of us? Thanks. Also if you paid with credit card notify your bank and dispute the charge!

  14. Can anyone post the attorney’s name, phone number, etc? If we all join together, maybe we can get some kind of resolution.

  15. Hi! I wanted to leave a comment for others who are also in my position of being promised a refund only to be left empty-handed and in the dust. I filed a complaint with BBB, which was unsuccessful at contacting Margaret. They said their message came back as undeliverable, and there’s not much else they can do. My guess is that the next step could be to contact the attorney general. I’d love to be part of a class action lawsuit if possible. This is unacceptable.

  16. I felt very alone till seeing these comments about the unbuisness like approach Larson family practice used when suddenly shutting down their clinic. I’m low income, disabled, and this was my one extravagant $ spent. I am among those who is owed a refund. If a lawsuit is started, I would be interested is being a part of it. A group letter could also be sent to the nursing board where Larson is licensed.

  17. Complained about a very expensive procedure without zero results! Never heard back from them!

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