A Blood Donor Pop-up Event will be held at the Burien Elks Lodge on Monday, July 25 & Tuesday, July 26, 2022.

Summer activities like travel, visiting guests, and fun in the sun sometimes prevent would-be donors from donating blood, and blood inventory struggles throughout the season.

Our community’s need for blood is constant, no matter the weather.

That gift of blood takes just an hour of your time to give. A blood donation opportunity is coming up at Burien Elks #2143 (14006 1st Ave S.; map below) in the meeting hall on Monday, July 25 & Tuesday, July 26. Please sign up and reserve your spot now!

Donate in July and enter to win an inflatable kayak!

Masks and appointments are required. 

For more about the safety of donating blood during the pandemic, eligibility, help booking your appointment, and other info, please visit www.bloodworksnw.org.

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