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On Thursday night (Feb. 9), two City of Burien Public Works employees were inspecting the Peter Western Bridge (located at S. 116th St, between Military and 24th Ave S.; map below) because of reports of trees falling, when they discovered signs of a possible landslide in the ravine. The City says the workers felt movement on the bridge, which prompted them to immediately take steps to close it and notify neighbors in the immediate vicinity. Signs were then posted marking a detour route around the bridge. The initial assessment by city staff showed one or more of the bridge columns could have been compromised. A team of structural engineers has been assessing the damage. “Public safety is our number one concern,” Emily Inlow-Hood, the city’s new Chief Communications Officer, told The B-Town Blog. “For that reason, we are asking people to not approach the ravine or the bridge. The road will be closed until further notice.” The bridge will have to be closed for several months. “We are working to put in more permanent detour signage and barriers to prevent both cars and pedestrians from crossing the bridge,” the City added. “We want the public to know that the bridge is not stable and they should avoid walking on it.” About the bridge and ravine:
  • Peter Western Bridge was built in 1950 and is 50-feet high.
  • It underwent a seismic retrofit in 1996.
  • There is also a stream that runs through the ravine.

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  1. Oh great… Now all the drug traffic to and from the River Heights Apartments has to detour through my neighborhood!

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