A message from Burien City Council Candidate Jimmy Matta,
who is running for Position No. 3:

July 30, 2021

To the friends of Burien,

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity of serving you as Mayor, an honor I never dreamed of growing up as a farm worker turned labor organizer and owner of a small family business.

During these past weeks, you and I have gone through a lot together and it hasn’t always been easy. Difficult decisions never are. Still, we came together and are doing the best job we can in tough times.

I believe in you, as neighbors, residents, and voters that on election day, you will see past the campaign rhetoric and noise. Just listen to your heart and follow your better spirit for you and your family.

Look around our country and see the deep divide that happens when people allow labels to define them. We become us-versus-them, and I don’t believe in that, so I am running on my own record.

Think about the morning after election day and what kind of community leaders you want working for you? Will they engage with everyone and respect others, or will they represent only certain people?

You alone will make that choice and I believe you will choose unity, progress, and human dignity for all. Burien is YOU and me; young, old, people of all colors, backgrounds, and experiences.

I love serving my community and if you re-elect me, my only pledge will be to serve you, the people. Please go vote on August 3rd and encourage everyone you can to do so too.

Thank You Burien and now, let’s do this!

– Mayor Jimmy Matta

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