Last weekend, Burien Police officers made a traffic stop that resulted in the seizure of 44 pounds of methamphetamine, thanks to K9 Quinn.

But on Friday, Oct. 27, 2023, detectives made another traffic stop that more than doubled that seizure, confiscating 95 pounds of methamphetamine and 41 pounds of fentanyl powder.

“Again, I can’t thank your detectives and K9 Quinn enough for their exceptional work in protecting our community,” police said.

“Sometimes people ask why we do interdiction stops,” police added. “According to the DEA’s calculations, this amount of fentanyl powder has the potential to kill 10 million people. Think about the capacity for harm in this one shipment and you understand why we will never stop our balanced approach to this complex issue, both supporting our partners that work to reduce addiction and holding those who bring this poison into our community accountable for their criminal behavior.”

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3 replies on “Burien Police confiscate enough fentanyl in traffic stop to potentially ‘kill 10 million people’”

  1. To say “Thank you” just doesn’t seem like enough. We in Burien are so lucky to have the women and men of K.C.S.O. keeping us safe.

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