Our friends at Burien’s Hospitality House Women’s Shelter released an update of their needs during the holiday season:

For more info, visit https://hospitalityhousesouthking.org/december-donations-needed-2021/.

The women’s shelter recently received jewelry donated by the Women’s Shelter Jewelry Project:

There’s a quote, “Look fresh, feel fresh, do fresh things.” And what better way to feel fresh and fancy for work, job interviews and/or appointments than flaunting a few beautiful jewelry accessories that compliment your outfit of the day?

Well our Residents are always over the moon when we are able to offer them gorgeous pieces of jewelry from the Seattle’s Metal Guild, and their Women’s Shelter Jewelry Project. For years, the Women’s Shelter Jewelry Project has procured jewelry donations of all types to sort, clean, repair and give to Women Shelters like ours.

Hospitality House is a 90-day Women’s Shelter Program. If in that time we as Staff can assist our Residents in finding stability, inner strength and confidence – then these lovely jewelry pieces are icing on their cake!

Thank you, Women’s Shelter Jewelry Project! Every piece of jewelry tells a story – and each ring, necklace and bracelet our Residents receive, it’s an opportunity to reshape a new story.

For more info, email sheenahr.hospitalityhouse@gmail.com or call (206) 242-1860.

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