EDITOR’S NOTE: Cass Huff is a special needs student at Mt. Rainier High School. In 2016, she was named “Citizen of the Year” by the City of Burien. Hey B-Town Readers! Today we’re going to talk about community. Community is so important not only for kids my age, but for everyone of all ages. And it’s only been recently, within the past year or so, that I’ve realized how important community actually is. For those of y’all who don’t know me personally, I go to New Life Church. I’ve only been going to New Life for about a year and a half. But I also go to New LIfe’s youth group called Next Gen. I’ve been going to Next Gen for about three years. This last year has been pretty difficult for me pain-wise. I haven’t been able to go to school every day, I’ve been having to miss out on a lot of things like practices, football games, etc. So I’ve been feeling kind of isolated lately. But, my church and youth group family have made sure that I have been involved in everything. They FaceTime me during group, send me pictures and videos, bring me coffee, and text and call me every day. Because of all the recent events with so many tragedies in our community, I’ve seen our community come together and really support each other. I’ve realized that everyone needs the community and support system that I have been so fortunate to find and have by my side. You may be asking yourself, how do I find this community? This is a tough question because I also struggled with this for a couple of years. It’s difficult to find people that understand what you’re going through. Well, my answer to your question is, look around your school. your town, your church, anywhere you go. There is community everywhere you look. Even if you can find just one person to talk to, and who can walk by your side in life, that’s all you need. That can be a community too! It doesn’t always have to be multiple people. As long as you can find one person, or a couple of different people who can relate and understand you, that’s all that matters. Anyways, thank you for reading today! I’m thinking of doing a podcast on this topic in the next few days! As always, if you want to see me write on a topic, make sure to email the editor or leave a comment! I’ll see y’all next time! – Cass


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