The City of Burien last week awarded a $49,000 pilot contract to Discover Burien, a local non-profit business association, to manage and oversee homeless encampment response services to the city.

The initial contract (download PDF here) which was signed Nov. 1, 2023, has a term of two months, and is a pilot program focused initially on removing the unsanctioned encampment located on Ambaum Blvd. SW and SW 120th Street.

Discover Burien Executive Director Debra George confirmed Monday morning with The B-Town Blog that they will subcontract services from Kristine Moreland’s “The More We Love” organization to handle duties outlined in the contract. Previously, Moreland’s org was privately contracted for removing an encampment outside Grocery Outlet by the store’s owner in August (read our coverage of that here).

According to the contract, Discover Burien would serve “as the initial point of contact to the homeless as requested by Burien Police Department personnel; perform de-escalation work to reduce the likelihood of arrest and/or incarceration,” “maintain a close working relationship with the Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD) program personnel to increase the success of the effort,” and serve as the “primary agents for disseminating information to the homeless population about City ordinances that affect the homeless population.”

“It is fairly clear that this was done in order to skirt the issue of the city contracting directly with the MoreWeLove, to do some form of sweep without direct city involvement,” Councilmember Sarah Moore said in her email newsletter sent out on Monday, Nov. 6, 2023. “I plan to ask lots of questions about this move.”

This issue will likely be discussed during the City Manager’s Report at tonight’s (Monday, Nov. 6, 2023) Burien City Council meeting.

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4 replies on “City of Burien awards contract to Discover Burien for $49,000, which will subcontract with ‘The More We Love’ to handle homeless encampment responses”

  1. Amid the city manager’s combative actions, notably skirting oversight rules with a $49,000 contract, it is evident that responsible resource allocation and effective collaboration are imperative. Given his multiple failures to work effectively with citizens, volunteers, and the entire city council, I firmly endorse the immediate removal of Adolfo Bailon from the city payroll.

  2. “Burien needs to have certain services to perform for its citizens but does not have the resources to perform these services “. Hmmmm. Let’s see what a “citizen” really is. “ A legally recognized subject “. I would really like to know and understand how the unfortunate homeless community are considered “a citizen “. Do cities that support these folks ck identities, last know address? Probably not. Where are these folks from????? Are you saying that they are Burien citizens ( or a citizen of any of the cities they pop their tents up at)? I highly doubt it. Are they even Washington state citizens? Have they ever contributed by paying taxes like all other citizens? I don’t know. Do they come from other areas knowing ALL the freebies they can receive in that particular area? I’m sure nobody wants to be homeless but what are these folks doing to get back into society and be productive “citizens “ ? I have lived in the area for 57 years and have seen so many changes in our communities. I’ve worked my entire life, been a single mother of 2 with no help from their father. I’ve struggled and paid outrageous taxes over the years. My frustration is my hard work and taxes I’ve paid should be helping citizens that have contributed at some point and will contribute again when they get back on their feet. Bottom line is I’m so tired of the waste of government money and I’m tired of my tax money going to folks that are not citizens and have not contributed to our local government. Tired of the waste they leave behind and the tents and tarps and just all the crap. Why can’t they clean up after themselves?? They have all day. I’m tired of the lack of accountability of our government AND the homeless. I’m just tired.

  3. Fantastic! People who actually do something and try to help all people in the community. Healers in every way.

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