From our sister site The SeaTac Blog:

The City of SeaTac this week announced mandatory annual adjustments to the City’s Minimum Employment Standards Ordinance for Hospitality and Transportation Industry Employers will raise minimum wage to $19.06 per hour in 2023, the highest in the country.

The minimum wage for hospitality and transportation workers is currently $17.54 per hour. That will increase 8.66% due to inflation, according to the city.

In comparison, the City of Seattle’s minimum wage will be $18.69/hour starting Jan. 1, 2023. Statewide – including in Burien – the revised minimum wage will be $15.74 per hour, up from $14.49.

The estimate for SeaTac’s earning of the highest minimum wage in the U.S. came from the University of California Berkeley Labor Center, which tracks city, county and state minimum wage ordinances.

The city said that the increase in the living wage rate was calculated using the consumer price index for urban wage earners and clerical workers, (CPI- W) for the 12 months prior to Sept. 1 as calculated by the United States Department of Labor.

“Therefore, in accordance with SeaTac Municipal Code (SMC) Section 7.45.050, the living wage rate in effect for hospitality and transportation employees within the City will increase to $19.06, effective January 1, 2023,” the city said in a statement.

More info on the city’s minimum wage is available here:

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