Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal will be holding a Town Hall meeting in Burien on Thursday, April 20, from 5:30 – 7 p.m. at the Burien Community Center.

This event is free and open to the public.

“This meeting is a continuation of a series of town halls that began in March and will extend throughout the year. At the events, Jayapal will discuss her work in Congress and take questions from constituents. Town halls are an important way for constituents to connect with their representatives in government and hold them accountable.”

The Community Center is located at 14700 6th Ave SW.

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22 replies on “Congresswoman Jayapal holding Town Hall meeting in Burien on Thurs., April 20”

  1. oh boy I think she needs to hear how we all feel about the crime. Please bring your signs and lets get our point across..

    1. This sounds like fun spending so much time thinking about someone you disagree with there life choices or opinions. Interesting way of using ones time efficiently.

    2. You mean she will find a babysitter and not phone it in and twitter her little mind away? Hmm… guess will see…

    1. You don’t understand. If the venue were larger there would be more actual humans in attendance. They might even ask questions.

      1. I think Pramila Jayapal would welcome a big turn-out. I look forward to what she has to say about helping seniors with affordable housing and secure Social Security and better VA help for our vets, young and old and protecting Planned Parenthood for women’s health care.

  2. How thrilling… will of course be a review of what might have been and sound criticism of anything being attempted to aid the majority, favoring always the ‘marginalized’….nothing about current Federal Government suggestions will be ‘sanctioned’…those that improve living opportunities for most will be disregarded….”Everything Trump is doing is wrong”.
    Progress in terms of improvement for working families, their opportunities, lower taxes, housing realizations and lower crime,etc ….will not be discussed, nothing has changed except the gender, age and birthplace…McD is replicated….
    “And the beat goes on”…..

    1. I am having trouble following you? Are you saying that you like what is happening in the Trump White House thus far?

    2. If you disagree with her positions, this is the time to intelligently articulate that disagreement. Not much she can do directly about local “crime.” But her positions on Health Care, Employment, Immigration, and Environmental protection need much broader and better input. She never held a Federal office before this, and her State legislator single term was not even a full one–it was short and not very productive. Her claim to fame in Congress so far is for grandstanding at inappropriate times, and accepting campaign donations from the Indian government.

      So unless all you want to hear from her how she is going to be a rubber stamp and parrot for what other Dems in Congress tell her to vote for (like she did in WA St.), intersperced with ID politics with a superfical knowlege just enough to make you think she is more than one dimentional, this is your chance to inform her of what an actual cross-section of constitutents are concerned about.

      Afterwards, validate her responses and see if she actually can deliver, discuss issues that affect everyone without interjecting her own biases, and check her facts for accuracy and context. Because intellectually and on most issues, she showed herself to be very weak and unimpressive during her campaign. If you elect someone on single issues, you will get a single issue focus–and is not going to be productive for anything else. That is not in the best interests of everyone.

      Don’t fall back or dominate on ID politics but give her input on what a Representive of all the people in her district should be supporting and working towards. We are stuck with her until the end of her term at least, so ranting, whining and complaining is pointless.

  3. Pramila Jayapal is a committed leftist ideologue. Imagine Kshama Sawant elected to congress, and you have Pramila. All the boxes are checked on all the pet leftist causes she supports. She has displayed no independence whatsoever from the hard left.

    It might be interesting to see how she handles a thoughtful response to her stubborn orthodoxy. But probably a waste of time as she is probably not open to beliefs that challenge her rigid ideology.

    1. If you don’t like her then don’t attend the meeting. Or if you have questions for her go to the meeting and ask instead of assuming everything is terrible about her.

      Try to take a common sense approach to things. But then again that’s probably asking to much. From one random blog poster to another.

      1. Captain Obvious – the “common sense approach” depends on Pramila being open to other views, which she does not seem to be if you look at her site and the views expressed on it, as well as her history which show her to be in lockstep with the ideology of the far left. Of course the ideology is a failed one, but it is not without an appeal to stubborn older leftists stuck in the past, and idealistic young people who were never taught about the past (nor economics). Her ideas belong on the ash heap of history, rather than pushed as something that is progressive.

        1. Peter I think you need some fresh air you seem to surround yourself with things you dislike. So you don’t agree with jayapal politics that’s fine. But you seem to be reading into her a little to much.

          It’s odd you disagree with the Democratic party but you still choose to live in Washington or on this side of mountains. Most Republicans live away from the big city’s. Where your less likely to run into people you don’t agree with.

          Then I see your​ aware what’s going on collage campuses but you seem blame what some young adults are doing on private collage campuses on political leaders. When these are some of same young adults that where observing wall street (basically they don’t want to work) so now they have found another reason not to work if they can’t pick a gender they can’t fill out a application. If you look at these young adults it’s rich kids that parents are paying $100,000 in college funds for nothing.

    2. Speaking of being an ideologue, Peter have you ever listened to yourself? There’s rarely a post from you that is not branding someone a ‘leftist’ like you were the authority on the subject. It gets old. If you are not trolling, you certainly look the part.

      I find Pramila intelligent and well spoken. She seems honestly interested in those who need a voice in our current political debacle.


      1. Clean it up – no trolling, but expressing an opinion. That’s allowed here isn’t it? I mean, this isn’t a college campus dominated leftists by (where free speech is often not allowed), right?

        Moreover, you might want to read my posts a tad more carefully – my criticism of Pramila isn’t for being an ideologue but for being a **leftist** ideologue (not all ideologies are the same). If you go to her site you can see that she displays absolutely no diversity of opinion and has all the leftist boxes checked on all the issues. She’s a good leftist and does not stray from the platform. To me that smacks of group think and an inability to think independently.

        1. Peter you do not need to explain yourself. It’s on display with every post. One sees you as a single issue guy with nothing else going on in your life. Do you like people, or animals, or nature, or history, or music, or cooking, or cars, or science fiction or space, or anything other than picking at your fear of Democrats (all of whom you label as leftist ideologues)? Without something else posted by you, it does look like trolling.

  4. Hey Peter, at it again I see.
    Fortunately this stubbornly orthodox leftist ideologue finds her evil philosophy balanced, shall we say fair and balanced, by those minions of open mindedness and intellectually honest geniuses of thought impaction, the conservative coalition and their ilk.
    What fun it is to watch them at work now that they have to do more than hoot from the sidelines.
    It is a disaster in the making but not irreparable.
    I hope that Pramila does not have a black cat as a pet. Witchcraft you know. Tom

    1. Tom – reading my posts again I see. The 1960’s called. They want their ideology back, lol.

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