Just one day after they were installed, tents intended to be used for a drive-through coronavirus testing facility were abruptly removed from the parking lot of the CVS Pharmacy located at 117 SW 160th Street in Burien.

As we first reported on Monday, tents were installed in the parking lot for a drive-through testing facility.

Despite the sudden removal though, we may have found an explanation – they put up the wrong sized tents:

“I spoke with the manager,” Rep. Tina Orwall said on Facebook. “They put up the wrong size tents. They will be putting up new tents in the next day or two.”

“In the coming weeks, CVS Pharmacy locations will host drive-through testing,” CVS said on a special website. “Details, including start dates for testing, are still in development.”

KOMO reported that there “are currently no plans to open a testing site at that location.”

Photos courtesy Sarah Toce, who adds:

Spoke with the rental company and they say they don’t know what is going on, but they were told to remove the tents. They seem confused: “It was all over the news last night and today we’re being told to remove them.”

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