DNR staff examine logs on a beach. Photo credit: Washington State Department of Natural Resources.[/caption] The Department of Natural Resources will be removing creosote-treated logs from Seahurst Park starting this month, as part of a larger, statewide program to clean up beaches. Starting this January, the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR), in collaboration with the City of Burien, will be removing creosote-treated logs that have washed up on the beach at Seahurst Park. As part of a larger, statewide program, DNR will periodically visit Seahurst Park and collect any creosote logs that have been deposited along the Seahurst shoreline. DNR staff will be laying out tarps on the beach for collecting logs and will be cutting the logs into smaller pieces. The tarps help prevent debris from the logs or the cutting process from getting onto the beach. Private property owners who believe they have creosote-treated logs on their beach can report for possible removal at MyCoast Washington.

About the Creosote Removal Program DNR is leading efforts throughout Puget Sound to remove creosote-treated debris from our marine and estuarine waters. Creosote-treated materials leach chemical compounds into beach and marine sediments causing toxic conditions for organisms that live in and use these areas. The presence of unused structures also blocks sediment transport and allows for unwanted shading along the critical nearshore, displacing what could be valuable vegetated habitat.

For more information, please visit DNR’s website.]]>

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