Highline Public Schools is bragging about four Highline Pirates football players who recently helped a total stranger have a better birthday (get the tissues out because you may need it…): 14435188_1243546879012639_7452208353267828352_o

Highline students Amine, Kae Rae, Caleb, and Henry sprang into action after reading a Facebook post about a boy named Lennie who lives in a nearby town. Lennie’s mom wrote in the post that he was turning 11 very soon. No one had shown up to Lennie’s birthday parties for the last two years, and Lennie’s mom was worried it would happen again. She also said it was a difficult time for their family because Lennie’s grandfather had recently passed away. Even though they had never met Lennie, these students decided they wanted to go to his birthday party. Amine even brought him a pair of his Jordan sneakers as a gift (something requested in the Facebook post). After introductions, the boys asked Lennie if they could show him how to play football. They spent the rest of the party playing football, which eventually encouraged other neighborhood kids to join in. When the party ended, Amine, Kae Rae, Caleb, and Henry invited Lennie to watch them play during a HHS football game. Lennie will be at this Friday night’s football game against Franklin Pierce. Lennie later told his mom that it was the best birthday ever. We’re told these students were inspired by their football coaches who are constantly teaching them about how to show appreciation for one another. Thank you Amine, Kae Rae, Caleb, and Henry for showing Lennie so much kindness. We all can benefit from your selfless example! #HighlineProud

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  1. Happy Birthday Lennie!!! You have some terrific new friends and shoes!! Enjoy the game!! 🙂

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