The public is invited to ‘get the scoop’ on Highline High School’s façade straight from the architects at an ‘Ask the Architects’ community meeting on Thursday, Oct. 19.
This open and free meeting will run from 6:30 – 8 p.m. in the Highline High School Cafeteria.
The district will also have news about the new middle and elementary schools.
“Our 2016 citizen-led bond planning committee recommended rebuilding Highline High School and preserving the facade if structurally and financially feasible,” the district said. “When bond funds were approved, our expert project team studied the wall construction, sampled soils and compiled cost estimates. Here’s what they concluded:”

“One of our initial tasks in designing the new Highline High School was to examine the feasibility of maintaining all or portions of the historic building. Due to historic construction methods, poor bearing soils beneath the school and the new programmatic needs of a 21st century high school it is not structurally and economically feasible to preserve all or portions of the historic building.
“Our next exploration examined how to retain the character of the historic school while rebuilding with modern, code legal, construction methods. It is possible to replicate a historic building, however, Secretary of Interiors Standards for Historic Preservation (the federal guidelines for dealing with historic buildings) discourage developing designs that copy older structures because they portray a false narrative of the evolving historical record. Our current design references the historic north facade without creating a sense of “false historicism.” We are using similar materials, proportions, textures, colors, rhythms and fenestration, but not pretending that the building was constructed in the early 20th century. We are also examining the potential of reconstructing the historic 1928, Georgian style, pedimented entry. By utilizing salvaged components from the original entry as one of the elements composing the new façade, we hope to evoke the importance of the historic building within the Highline community. Our goal is to both honor the rich history of Highline High School while simultaneously providing students with an elegant and durable school able to support powerful learning for the next 100 years.”

Lorne McConachie, FAIA
Principal Architect
Bassetti Architects

Here’s a FAQ put out by the district:

“Award-winning design solutions for historic buildings are Bassetti’s trademark (read more here),” the district said. “Bassetti Architects was selected for the HHS project for the firm’s experience in rebuilding historic schools.”
Initial design work and school plans are being reviewed by a committee of staff, students, families and community members. The first draft of exterior designs will be shared this month with the general public in an Oct. 19 community meeting.
All are invited:

WHAT: Ask-the-Architects Community Meeting
WHERE: Highline High School cafeteria, 225 South 152nd Street, Burien
WHEN: Thursday, Oct. 19, 6:30 – 8 p.m.

More information about the Highline High School project are on the district’s website.]]>

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2 replies on “Get the scoop on Highline High's façade straight from architects Oct. 19”

  1. Unfortunately this is one of those stupid or liar situations.
    Either the district did their homework before getting the huge bond and knew roughly what they were going to build and how much it would cost before asking for money but lied about it to get the necessary public support.
    Or, they just asked for a ton of money with no plans or bids for what kind of building they were going to construct, how much it would cost and they’re figuring it out as they go.
    I’m not sure which option is better.
    I’m sure building a huge school complex is really difficult, let’s just hope they build the best building they can and politics don’t cause a compromised solution like the Kingdome, but instead they build the best modern building possible.

  2. Will the unsalvageable bricks be available for purchase? As a HHS graduate, it might be cool to have a few in the yard/walkway. Also a small way to raise money.

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