Last week, our local community helped raise close to $28,000 to support the Highline Heritage Museum’s field trips, collections, exhibits, and programming at its 5th Anniversary Soireé.

It’s astonishing that this remarkable local museum has already celebrated its five-year anniversary – watch our video of the grand opening ceremony held on June 14, 2019 here.

Guests were invited to wear festive and traditional ancestral attire to celebrate their ethnic heritages, and many complied, making this a worldly-looking celebration.

“It was a unique event, as we sold out one month before, leaving only one table for the museum’s members,” Executive Director Nancy Salguero McKay said. “The rest were community partnerships, representing grassroots nonprofit organizations, cultural, tourism, education, and business sectors, government entities, official electives, funding agencies, and sponsors supporting our community values. It was meaningful and humbling!”

Speakers at the event included:

  • Austin Bell, Board President
  • Fred Felleman, Port of Seattle Commissioner
  • Nancy Salguero McKay, HHM Executive Director

Karen Hanah of the WA State Arts Commission gave a keynote address, and DJ Justin Murtal provided music for dancing.

The Soireé also included a live auction moderated by Auctioneer Becky Paulsen, featuring travel and fun experiences, as well as a “Raise the Paddle” where donors could support the museum’s mission and values.


Below are photos from the event, courtesy the museum and other guests (click arrows or swipe images to view slideshow):


  • 4Culture
  • ArtsWA
  • Alimentando at Pueblo
  • The B-Town Blog
  • BECU Burien
  • Burien City Councilmembers Alex Andrade and Linda Akey
  • Burien Creative District
  • City of Burien
  • City of SeaTac
  • Crowne Plaza Hotel
  • Explore Seattle Southside
  • Fastsigns
  • Highline Happenings
  • Highline College Foundation
  • Highline Schools Foundation
  • Highline Public Schools
  • Humanities WA
  • King County Councilmembers Teresa Mosqueda and Dave Upthegrove
  • Molina Health Care
  • Minor Matters
  • Museum of Flight
  • Museum Members
  • Para Los Ninos
  • Port of Seattle
  • NW Center
  • Seattle Southside Chamber of Commerce
  • Seattle Chamber of Commerce
  • Seattle Theater Group
  • Success Foundation
  • WA Museum Association
  • Woodland Park Zoo
  • HHM Board of Directors


  • Minor Matters
  • Treat Cookies
  • Lowrider Cookie Company
  • La Esquina Restaurant
  • Northwest Symphony Orchestra
  • Seattle Theater Group
  • Gesa Credit Union
  • Northwest African American
  • National Nordic Museums
  • Museum of Flight
  • Wing Luke Museum
  • Burke Museum
  • Chihuly Gardens
  • Split Level Modern
  • Green River College
  • The B-Town Blog/South King Media


  • Austin Bell
  • Samatha Le
  • Karen Hanan
  • Fred Felleman
  • Becky Brenner Pauls
  • Michelle Dunn Marsh
  • Rafael Saucedo
  • Jenn Ramirez Robson
  • Mike Heinisch
  • Judith Sousa


  • Jeanie McCain
  • Margaret McComb
  • Mycah Davis
  • Nat Puttavon
  • Gina Glasgow-Wills
  • Greg Wills
  • Jennifer Sousa
  • Dave Sousa
  • Roger Price
  • Bob Doerflinger
  • Jonah & Sophia McKay
  • Tim Solomonov
  • Evelia & Gloria

About the Highline Heritage Museum

The Highline Heritage Museum began when an organization called the Burien Heritage Society was founded in 1994. The Society soon merged with the Friends of the Highline School District and acquired their large collections relating to the history of the school district. Later acquisitions of the archives of The Highline Times and thousands of articles of local community history have made founding a regional heritage museum imperative. At that time the name was changed to “Highline Historical Society” to reflect the region that the several hundred thousand 3-dimensional objects, photos, slides, films, and documents represent.


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