In an all-day ‘Solidarity Days’ event on Friday, May 3, all Highline High School students, staff, and community members will be coming together to share their stories and listen to one another with the express purpose of working on repairing and uplifting the culture on campus.

Two years ago, Highline was severely impacted by the defacing of the Sprit Rock with hateful, offensive words and symbols (read our extensive previous coverage here). This event became the catalyst for action to intentionally rebuild Highline’s culture to be one of inclusion and respect.

Solidarity days is one of the major pieces of culture work happening at HHS. In what will be the first of an annual event bringing together the stakeholders of HHS’s culture and community. Lead by student facilitators, everyone will be given a chance to be heard, to share their story, and to listen to others. As the saying goes:

“It’s hard to hate someone once you get to know them.”

The four goals of Solidarity Days are:

  • to affirm and elevate the voices of HHS students;
  • to support students to become leaders – and partners with staff – in building a more just and loving culture at HHS;
  • to encourage students and staff to understand root causes of conflict and to build solidarity with one another;
  • and to open possibilities for ongoing, collaborative approaches to building community and solving problems within the school community.

If you would like more information or would like to get involved, please contact Briana Herman-Brand at [email protected].

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