Highline Public Schools’ Proposition 1 would rebuild three schools and make improvements districtwide

Voters will consider the funding measure in the November 8 election

Anni Tadesse, who graduated from Highline High School (HHS) last year, saw firsthand how a modern school building helped students learn.

“It brings a whole new vibe that inspires a motivation to learn,” said Anni, who is now attending Harvard University and who experienced both the old and the newly rebuilt HHS. “I love how everything is more open and friendly, like the classroom windows and the spacious hallways. Evergreen and Tyee students deserve safe, modern high school buildings like Highline and Mount Rainier have.”

Of the district’s four comprehensive high schools, HHS is one of two that have been recently rebuilt; the other two are over 60 years old.

The state does not provide funds for building or major renovation for schools, so districts rely on voter-approved bond funding to finance school construction. Voters will be asked in the November 8, 2022 election to consider a bond to rebuild Tyee High School and Evergreen High School. The bond also provides funding to rebuild Pacific Middle School and make critical repairs to school buildings throughout the district.

If passed, the $518 million bond will not raise local tax rates. Because voters approve a dollar amount not a tax rate, tax rates decline in proportion to increases in property values. Due to expiring local school taxes, this bond Is not expected to significantly change the dollar amount paid by most homeowners.

Highline’s community-led Capital Facilities Advisory Committee (CFAC) recommended Evergreen, Tyee and Pacific for replacement. Each of these school campuses consists of several buildings with multiple points of entry, making them difficult to secure in an emergency. They were not built to current fire or earthquake codes, require costly repairs, and can’t accommodate the same student learning technology that students in new schools have.

“A huge thank you to our CFAC members for helping us identify the schools most in need of rebuilding,” said Superintendent Dr. Ivan Duran. “All our students deserve safe and modern school buildings. We are committed to keeping our promise to provide equitable learning facilities across our district.”

Designs for the schools were funded by a previous bond, so they are shovel-ready. Construction on Tyee and Evergreen can begin as soon as a bond is passed. Starting immediately means students can move into new schools sooner, and it will save taxpayer dollars since building costs increase over time.

To read more about the projects in the November 8 election, as well as Highline’s 20-year track record of on-time, on-budget school construction, visit https://www.highlineschools.org/2022-bond.

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