The Highline Public Schools Board recently heard a proposal for the next School Bond, targeted at just over $418 million, and possibly placed on the 2020 election ballot.

Funds from a new bond would support the rebuilding of three schools, according to the Capital Facilities Advisory Committee (CFAC):

  1. Evergreen High School
  2. Tyee High School
  3. Pacific Middle School

As well as to replenish the Critical Needs Fund:

  • Replace Transportation Building L
  • Expand Sylvester kitchen
  • Cover emergency repairs
  • Pay for critical maintenance needs

A $418 million school bond would increase bond-related taxes (compared to 2019) by around 8 cents per $1,000 of property value:

  • $300,000 home = tax increase of about $24/year
  • $600,000 home = tax increase of about $48/year
  • $1.2 mil. Home = tax increase of about $96/year

The CFAC hasn’t yet announced which ballot they want this bond placed on, but said that the “Presidential election 2020 may be a good choice.”

Here’s more from the CFAC:

Our community-led bond planning committee delivered their recommendations for the next school bond to the school board this week.

Capital Facilities Advisory Committee (CFAC) co-chairs Rose Clark and Aaron Garcia–and CFAC member Jacob Tuaua, an Evergreen High School student–presented a list of building projects.

Read on to see estimated costs, tax rates, election timing and rationale for the recommended construction projects.

CFAC Recommendation for Phase 2 School Bond


  1. Evergreen High School (1200 capacity)
  2. Tyee High School (1200 capacity)
  3. Pacific Middle School (950 capacity)


  • Replace Transportation Building L
  • Expand Sylvester Middle School kitchen
  • Cover emergency repairs
  • Pay for critical maintenance needs



A $418 million bond would not increase overall state and local education taxes compared to 2010 through 2018, or compared to taxes projected for 2020 and beyond. (In 2019, there was a temporary dip in taxes due to the timing of the change in state education funding mechanisms.)

If compared only to district bond-related property taxes in 2019, there would be an increase of approximately 8 cents per $1,000 of property value. (For a $300,000 home, the bond-related tax increase would be $24/year.)


  1. CFAC recommends the school board create a separate process including input from school district staff and both school communities from Southern Heights Elementary and Beverly Park Elementary, to determine the future of the two schools, then provide guidance to CFAC for future bond planning.
  2. CFAC recommends considering the possible construction of a new facility for the Learning Center programs and alternative schools at the Manhattan and Woodside sites in a later bond. CFAC recommends considering the use of some funds in the next bond for exploring this consolidation idea.
  3. CFAC recommends the Evergreen and Tyee educational specifications committees research the idea of designing the high schools with the option of sharing some building systems when Cascade and Chinook middle schools are rebuilt in the future. Representatives from the middle school communities could be included in this conversation, as well as members from CFAC.


  1. Voters approved design work for Evergreen, Tyee & Pacific in the 2016 bond. Design starts this year.
  2. Equity is a priority; the plan provides safe, modern high schools for students in all four service areas.
  3. Middle school capacity needs are greatest at Pacific due to projected growth in the south end.
  4. A critical needs fund helps us maintain our schools and facilities, extending their lives and saving taxpayer money.
  5. Transportation Building L is a former Army barracks in poor condition, used by our bus drivers and staff.
  6. Sylvester’s kitchen is undersized for enrollment.


  • Progress is critical due to our backlog of other aging schools needing replacement.
  • Regular & feasible bond cycles eliminate spikes in taxes & maintains momentum.
  • Presidential election 2020 may be a good choice.

Other Issues & Questions

Community members raised the following issues that CFAC members wanted to note, but did not have time to address or were not sure it was part of their committee charge.


  • CFAC assumes Evergreen Pool will be retained if possible when constructing a new high school.
  • CFAC asked the Evergreen Aquatics Center to organize and lead a committee of stakeholders to gather more information and options on the future of the Evergreen Pool.


  • Address video surveillance/student policy & procedures.


  • Get more information about Early Learning facility needs & priorities.

Download Presentation Slides

More details are in the slide presentation from the meeting (English and Spanish):

CFAC Recommendations for Phase 2 Bond–English/Spanish

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