Burien Police shared this feel-good story about a recent traffic stop that resulted in an act of kindness by two Officers:

“A family in Burien got pulled over for a traffic violation, but instead of a ticket and a bad day they received kindness and compassion from two of Burien’s finest.

“Officer Arthur Taylor and Officer Nicholas Vipperman made a traffic stop. Inside was a family of five including an infant and two young siblings. The Infant was the only one properly restrained in a car seat and the parents shared that was only because of financial strain.

“Instead of giving the driver a citation, officers reached out to Burien CSO who is a certified car seat technician to ask for help.

“Newly donated car seats were fitted to the children, installed in the family vehicle and the family drove away safe and sound because of the hard work of these caring Burien officers.”

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  1. I LOVE that they specifically mentioned working with a CSO who’s a certified CPST (Child Passenger Safety Technician)!!

    It’s important to know not all public safety personnel have the proper training to safely help with car seat safety and far too often a well meaning first responder helps the best they know, but are incorrect, which can lead to compromised safety.

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