The Burien Lions Club is sponsoring a forum for candidates for King County Executive at Noon on Wednesday, July 8th at Angelo’s Restaurant in Burien.

The public is invited to come and hear all 8 candidates speak:

  • Dow Constantine
  • Fred Jarrett
  • Ross Hunter
  • Susan Hutchison
  • Larry Phillips
  • Goodspaceguy
  • Stan Lippmann

Lunch will be $13.00.

Please RSVP to 206-248-0334.

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One reply on “King Co. Exec. Candidates’ Forum At Angelo’s Wed., July 8th”

  1. Burien –

    Knock Rep. Ross Hunter, HB 1487 Microsoft Subsidy Bill Sponsor, and “YEA” voting Jarrett out of the King County Executive Race

    Send $14.87 to opposing candidates in the King County Executive race.

    At best, Hunter, shows flawed judgment sponsoring the Microsoft subsidy bill in the midst of an economic crisis.

    Hunter is unable to understand and prioritize needs of the people he serves. He has ignored the needs of Burien and other Washington states residents in crisis to introduce special purpose, emergency legislation with errors and omissions to benefit only Microsoft.

    Thanks to Ross Hunter and his “Microsoft subsidy bill” HB1487, a new Washington State law effective July 1, 2009 requires Burien residents to fund college educations for Microsoft visa workers and their family members. This special purpose legislation uses public dollars to fund Microsoft private interests, giving in-state tuition rates to an unknown number of temporary, non-immigrant visa workers and their families.

    The beneficiaries of this generous subsidy did not request the benefit, nor did they organize or lobby to pass the bill. With an average wage of $92k, twice the state average, and $22k expected family contribution, these high-income families, exceed financial hardship guidelines, and can afford non-resident tuition at every college in the state during their 3-year visa.

    While Hunter fiddled with Microsoft legislation to benefit families that did not request the privilege, Washington residents burned through life savings because we’ve lost our jobs, homes, and 401k plans.

    In lawmaker’s haste to pass the emergency Microsoft subsidy bill, they neglected to hear opposing testimony, fact and math check. During the same legislative session 2,500 teachers lost jobs and 110,000 people lost health insurance.

    Ask Rep. Hunter why he secretly pushed the Microsoft subsidy bill through the legislature as an emergency bill, and intentionally avoided an opportunity for the voters to decide what is and is not an emergency. The real emergency is to help King County families in need that Ross Hunter ignored.

    Hunter can’t see people in need, only corporations with hands stretched out in greed.

    Please ask your friends to donate $14.87 to an opposing candidate to knock Ross Hunter and “YEA” voting Sen. Fred Jarrett out of the KC Executive Race.

    Now, more than ever, we need a leader elected for the people, by the people, not BUY Microsoft, who can direct American generosity to those most in need.

    King County Executive Candidates – not involved in Microsoft subsidy bill
    • Larry Phillips
    • Stan Lippmann
    • Alan Lobdell
    • Susan Hutchison
    • Dow Constantine

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