Dear Neighbor,

Protecting public health and safety—particularly among seniors and vulnerable populations—is my top priority as your County Councilmember during this pandemic.

Our public health experts tell us that the next few months are going to be tough.

COVID-19 cases are continuing to rise and our hospitals and medical staff are struggling under the demand.

By now we all know how we can keep ourselves and others safe:

Wash our hands, wear a mask, avoid indoor gatherings and stay six feet apart.

But soon there will be another way: Get the vaccine.

Planning for vaccine distribution has been underway for months. The rollout will be done in phases with health care workers and the most vulnerable community members offered the vaccine first.

Here’s what we know:

    • Everyone who wants a vaccine will be able to get one.
    • You will need to get two injections over a series of weeks to get the best protection.
    • When you will be offered the vaccine (what phase you will be in) will take into account a number of factors including underlying health issues and your level of potential exposure at work.
    • Getting the vaccine is important to make everyone in our community safer and allow our lives to start to return to normal.
    • The vaccine has been through rigorous testing and has proven to be safe and effective.

South King County, particularly communities of color, have been hit hard by COVID-19. We can only move forward and return to normal if we listen to the medical experts and take the vaccine.

We are looking ahead to build back an economy that works better—where health care and child care are more affordable and accessible, and where our local small businesses can thrive.

The vaccine is the first step.

May you and your family find peace and stay safe during the holiday season.

While my staff and I are all working remotely, we are still available to serve you during the pandemic. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if I can be of any assistance.



King County Councilmember
District 5

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