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Three Councilmembers and the Mayor voted in favor of public defecation and urination at last night’s City Council meeting, despite hearing from Burien residents and business owners asking for the opposite.

Councilmember Cydney Moore asked for support for a temporary Porta-Potty at the encampment on SW 152nd & 6th Ave SW while the City works to find shelter or housing for the people camping there. It was voted down by Mayor Sofia Aragon, Deputy Mayor Kevin Schilling, and Councilmembers Jimmy Matta and Stephanie Mora.

She tried again, at a different location, and it was voted down by the same Councilmembers. Again.

She tried one more time, siting a different location – one where Porta-Potties have been placed for use by unhoused folks before (Town Square Park), and it was deemed by the same members to be the same motion and not up for a vote.

Councilmember Hugo Garcia tried to express the urgency of the need, mentioned he had seen a man collecting rainwater from a spout by the door to the library, and also seeing three piles of human feces by the door… and still, a temporary toilet was voted down.

Of course, this was after Councilmember Matta proposed turning the plot of land at 152nd & 6th into a park, or advertising that it’s for lease, which would trigger the City’s camping ban in parks and would require police to move folks along. To where, we do not know.

This motion?

This motion, the four opposed-to-toilets Councilmembers passed. (Voting ‘no’ were Councilmembers Moore, Moore, and Garcia.)

If you have ever written in to Council about seeing people peeing and pooping outside, if you have ever given Public Comment at a Council Meeting about how unsafe and unsanitary you feel downtown Burien is, I hope you will also let Council know what you think of them refusing to provide a basic, TEMPORARY service that would have addressed those concerns.

The decisions made by four of our Councilmembers to not recognize the basic needs of unhoused people, coupled with the underhanded way of moving people along, made last night’s Council Meeting a disgrace to witness.

– Krystal Marx
Burien resident

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One reply on “LETTER: Former Burien City Councilmember: ‘Council votes for more public urination’”

  1. Dear Krystal,
    What you fail to recognize or own up to is your own part in creating this homeless issue affecting Burien. While you were on the Council your actions and blatant disregard for the City and Public Safety caused lasting harm we still deal with. To see you attempting to serve on the City Council again is like adding insult to injury. No thanks, you’ve done enough damage.

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