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Burien Community Members,

I would like to reiterate my commitment to the City of Burien as I continue in my role serving for City Council, and to congratulate newly elected Mayor Sofia Aragon and Deputy Mayor Kevin Schilling. I am confident that both Aragon and Schilling will make decisions in the best interest and consideration of Burien as a whole.

As my title shifts within the council following Monday night’s Oath of Office, my devotion, commitment, and love for this community do not. Being re-elected by the Burien community comes with a host of responsibilities I will continue to uphold regardless of my title. We’ve accomplished many amazing things throughout the past four years from opening the Latino Civic Center to welcoming the Muslim American Youth Foundation. My desire for fostering a welcoming community where every voice is heard will never change. I want to thank every person who has placed their trust and loyalty in my leadership. The work for our communities doesn’t end here. The potential for bettering our society is endless, and I will keep working alongside you to ensure that happens.

As the first Latino Mayor in King County, I was able to live out a dream I could never have imagined as I grew up in the farms of Eastern Washington. Throughout my journey as Mayor, I encountered young Latino/a/x and BIPOC who saw themselves in me. I commit to always representing our young people of color and showing them that the possibilities of their futures are endless—an idea I could only be afforded later in my life.

My political involvement will continue to extend beyond the council’s boundaries and into the communities I’ve met along the way. My commitment is to every Burien resident and community member despite changes that may come in titles.

Betterment of a community and improvement within government relations and political atmosphere can only come when every voice – not just the loudest and most dominant – is reflected in policy and leadership. This is a value I will bring to my leadership and council. I thank you for allowing me to serve as Mayor for four years and for entrusting me with four more years on the council.

Councilmember Jimmy Matta

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