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In the past I have questioned the city on the stormwater tank that they allowed be installed just below Maplewild Ave SW which holds 93,000 gallons of storm water.

I was concerned that the tank drains onto the property being discussed on the blog the last few days. The tank serves the properties developed at SW 154th and Maplewild over the past 4 years.

Oddly, the city allowed the tank to be installed south of the 154th development instead below the 154th development.

Here is a response from the city in an email July 2017:

As far as I know, the location where the vault currently is where it was originally designed. I can’t confirm this since no one in my department was here when it was built, but I’ve seen nothing in the reports or design drawings that makes me think it was “moved”. We have very little control over where a developer wants to locate their stormwater facility within their project, except that they would not have been able to place it below (west of) the houses, instead of south of the houses, because it is a steep slope and is restricted from any type of development, for both safety and environmental reasons. They obtained an easement on the property to the south to place their vault, and as far as I know, the City had no reason not to accept it.

This tank drains at a rate of 800 gallons per hour (19,200 gallons per 24 hour period) directly onto the property being cleared that now has no trees.

Did the city not consider this in their approval of the developer’s plans?

– Mike Canan

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