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The following is a reader’s response to a previous Letter that included a poem entitled “Am I A Hypocrite?

Burien, my home for at least 40 years.

First a house, then an apartment.

Always a renter, never an owner.

Always a little scared. How much will my rent increase? Can I afford it?  

Will they sell the place I call home and tell me to move?

Where will I go?

I saw the tents in the winter. Outside the library. It’s too cold, I said.

But they decided that even the cold tents were too upsetting for people going to the library so those living there had to move.

Where will they go? Where would I go?

They went a few blocks away. It has to be hard, living in a tent with no shower, no stove, no bed, no refrigerator.

But that was not enough humiliation for many. I watched in horror as the city council decided that having a port-a-potty close by was not OK. I picture all those city councilmembers with hearts encased in big ice cubes. They don’t care. About me, about those living in tents. They really don’t care.

I’m scared for my neighbors and I’m scared for me.

– Carol Sandoval

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