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Letter to the Editor:

Why is Burien using a violent, convicted felon to do animal enforcement law in Burien? Why is Burien using the CARES contractor who provided false information about their employee still being employed by the city?

Honesty is the most important attribute in any city government. And it extends to all contractors who work for city government as well, especially those who work in Burien law enforcement. Recently, a very disturbing public records disclosure from the Criminal Justice Training Commission (CJTC), points out that the city contractor CARES, responsible for Burien’s animal control services, appears to have been dishonest in its dealings with the Washington Animal Control Association (WACA) and with a state animal control officer training program (CJTC). I discovered the following;

  1. CARES submitted a criminal background check required to take Animal Control Officer training, signed by the CARES Director, stating that an employee had passed such a check, when actually, the employee was convicted of two violent felonies in the city, making him ineligible to take the Animal Control Officer training. CARES still hired this employee, had his training paid by Burien, and contimued to keep him under contract as an animal law enforcement officer even after CARES was informed of his violent criminal history. Other national, state, county and local law enforcement agencies to not hire, retain or allow convicted felons to do law enforcement.
  2. It also appears that CARES, in June, 2016, then did not inform the Burien City Council that the same employee, who appears to have illegally participated in the Animal Control Officer training, had had his certification revoked as a result of discovering his criminal background. Both WACA and CJTC(Sue Rahr) have confirmed the details of this.

This CARES Animal Control Officer, who is really a Burien animal law enforcement officer, was charged and pled guilty to attempted robbery and criminal assault at a Burien auto parts store (previous to his employment at CARES) when he attacked people in the store with an ax, as he was attempting to steal a car alternator. Police were called, he needed to be restrained and eventually pled guilty to the crimes. This easily can be verified by an internet search of the B-Town Blog and the Seattle Times by the employee’s name.

As a result of this new information, it appears that CARES has been out of compliance for several years with the Burien CARES contract. It also appears that the CARES Director never informed the recently city-hired CARES auditor of this history or the revoked certification. As recently as June, 2016, the CARES Director provided documents and testimony to the Burien City Council and the public that she has two Animal Control (WACA) certified staff members working for CARES.

Contractors who do not tell the truth to the city, the citizens and the council should not have a city contract.

Roger DeLorm

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63 replies on “LETTER: Why is Burien using a convicted felon to do animal enforcement?”

  1. It is always distressing to see something that is not entirely true. CARES has always been happy about the response and support from the citizens of Burien and work hard to maintain their trust. I am always happy to talk to anyone about their concerns, I am sorry this gentleman did not do that. Anyone is free to contact me at Burien CARES (206) 812-2737 or [email protected].

    Debra George
    Director, Burien C.A.R.E.S.

  2. WOW! Thank you Roger. I also noticed on another CARES “animal control officer’s” Facebook page, a history of drug abuse/addiction. This is a person who has access to euthanasia drugs at CARES. Scary place for animals and underage volunteers to be.

    1. Marianne, there are no ‘euthanasia drugs’ at CARES, so you’re factually incorrect. In the very rare cases that euthanasia is necessary for an animal, it is performed at and by a local vet. As for you sitting on your high horse and personally maligning and Facebook-stalking people who are open and honest about their past, I would recommend what most of the commenters are saying to the letter writer: quit the petty B.S. and get your facts straight. The Cares staff are great at their jobs, and I wouldn’t still be volunteering there if they weren’t. Nobody is perfect, and Debra is a step above for recognizing potential and giving opportunities to people that most others wouldn’t. Both the officer in question and the employee you mention have been with Cares for years, and in my time there, I have seen nothing but compassion and professionalism from them.

    1. Roger DeLorm, how dare you try to destroy a good hardworking man!
      If you knew anything about him, other than the one incident mentioned, then you would know that he is amazing at what he does, that these animals are his passion and he is well loved and respected by all those he comes in daily contact with.

      I’m guessing your real issue is with Debra George and Cares.. you are just another one of the small and petty people out to find anything negative to say about them, but in this case you, personally, are willing to go even lower with your “Letter to the Editor” BS
      and in the process, you are willing to cost a good person, and an exceptional employee their livelihood. Shame on you…

      You should look at your own relative’s criminal record before you cast stones about someone’s past. King county jail records are public knowledge, you know, and it didn’t take me but a few minutes to find fault with one of yours. So you might want to quit with your high and mighty attitude.

      I am appalled that the editor here even chose to publish your letter. It’s disappointing to me that they weren’t more discerning on this issue since we all know, this is about personal grudges that don’t involve this particular young man. Your pathetic and ill informed opinion caused unnecessary hurt to someone who absolutely did not deserve it.

      I ask you this..if he loses his income and has to depend on state assistance to feed his family while he tries to find another job…Are you happy, Roger? Is that your goal? Because he does have a family to feed and bills to pay, that’s why he has worked so hard for years to become a valued employee. Or is your goal simply to find yet another reason to bash Cares regardless of who you hurt? My guess is the latter.

      I would ask that anyone who has had experience with this man in the line of his profession step up and come to his defense. He simply got drug into a long-standing vendetta against Debra and Cares.

      1. FYI we only posted this letter after we had read several documents that city staff and council had been reviewing about this case, which corroborated the claims.


    2. M.Smith.., PLEASE… Just GO AWAY! I really detest how low you sunk naming someone who HAS BEEN CLEARED by the City Council to just go about his life doing his job! You are a real piece of work…

  3. If this person has served his time. Why shouldn’t he
    Have a job ? Like everyone is pure perfect and if you
    Aren’t don’t throw rocks. We all have to live and make a living

    I’m sorry your only seeing one side

    1. It is certain that this man had “served his time” for the crimes he committed. However now he continues to commit more crimes albeit different type.

      He is now committing crimes of impersonating an “officer”. If he has his license revoked how can he continue in enforcement? Is this not committing additional crimes each day? Does not a regular police officer who has his/her badge removed lose the ability to go out an “be a Police officer”? Why should this man be any different?

      Equally, and maybe more so, disturbing in this matter is the lies or cover up by the CARES staff. Are we not nationally inundated with news about cover up for all types of crimes and calling out those responsible ?

      If this cover up is criminal then it as well should be, no must be investigated.

      Rather than complaining about the first author of this issue, the director should be responding to the charges and the accuracy of the license revocation. Then comply with the law.

  4. I agree with the people who say he has served his time but take it a step further. Perhaps he has a history of mental illness which was untreated but is now treated. He would have the double whammy of being both mentally ill and a convicted felon.

    His/her behavior today is what counts. And, many felons are animal lovers and sometimes can not relate to people but relate to animals.

  5. This is a witch hunt at best. Not to mention this letter is inaccurate, which goes against it’s intent about being truthful and honest. Therefore I simply can’t take Roger’s complaint serious, and I question his integrity.

    This individual made a mistake while under the influence, served his time, and has been clean for around a decade. He is helping out his community in ways that you wish you could.

    Put down the pitchfork. He is one of the few that the system actually helped. He should be hugged, not flogged.

  6. I’m so sick of The Do-gooders of America mentality! Like some of the other posts said, everyone needs to earn a living and he did his time! I’ll bet he was a bad addict at the time of his crime, and now he’s been clean & sober…

  7. If he served his time and did what he needed there is no reason to bring all of his past back up. I have been to cares on more then one occasion, and I can a sure that he takes amazing care of the animals and he dose amazing at his job. I get peoples concerns but this is his past no need to bring it all up. Don’t ruin someone’s future because of his past.

  8. I don’t know the person this editorial is about, but if they’ve served their time, and they’re doing a good job, and they’ve disclosed their background, then what’s the problem? Everyone deserves a chance, sounds like possibly the writer has a vendetta against CARES.

  9. I’m going to have to side with the guy who has the record. First, if you’ve done your time and you aren’t currently BEING a criminal – who cares about your past? It’s not like he was some sort of sex pervert screwing animals! And yeah, so of course the nature of certain crimes I believe it’d be justified to NOT have a person working in the same industry, for example we don’t want pedophiles working in schools as an example.

    But this guy’s crimes were of a different nature. And people have to lie on applications if they want to get a job. That’s the sad part. Someone who wants to work, has to lie to get the work, because “public relations” dictates one take on a “holier than thou” stance and not hire people that did something stupid in their past. Meanwhile, worthless people sit around bickering about it, while NOT working, or collecting welfare.

    People can change. It’s sickening that a person’s past is held against them by society when they’ve done the time for the crime. Move on, get a life. And let others have one too – even after they’ve f*cked up.

  10. This is definitely a witch hunt. CARES, and especially their animal control officers, have done an amazing, safe, fair, and loving job. I can’t believe someone asks if the animals are safe?? Believe me, YOU would be happy being taken care of at CARES. However, it is anyone’s right to ask. Let me assure you, from first-hand knowledge, that the ACO’s negative history was a very brief time in his life; yes, he served his time, has much healed, and is one of the most loving and caring people you’ll ever meet! Go, CARES! Don’t be distracted from this witch hunt.

  11. This officer did his time and has since worked for the betterment of the community as well as to better himself. This is a local person who hasn’t been hiding from his past. I sincerely doubt that there has been any hiding of facts going on. He in actuality shows that one can turn their life around and do good in this world. This does sound like a witch hunt!!

  12. It seems everyone is missing the point. CARES management LIED to get this guys certs. They have a proven track record of “distorting” the truth. At it’s heart it is a dishonest organization and definitely needs stronger oversight by the city. I feel bad for the employee as he was probably led down this path by management. I guess you get what you pay for. Next we will be adding thieves and liars to the list of peoples our city will be giving sanctuary to! We already have ax wielding dogcatchers.

    1. Really? Could you be more melodramatic and inaccurate? Be careful about tossing around unproven accusations, neighbor. It is you who is “missing the point.” Those who have been paying attention know that there have been personal vendettas and witch-hunting going on ever since CARES took over animal control from the previous (failing) provider. CARES is now a well-liked and successful service to Burien citizens, largely due to the dedicated staff who work their butts off for very modest pay. The ACO’s long-ago, one-time crime is not a factor in the present. Give it a rest and go find your conspiracy elsewhere.

        1. The “news” is blown out of proportion and is obviously portraying the ACO to be a hardened criminal not fit to take care of animals and the City’s animal control needs. It was a one-time occurrence, nobody was seriously hurt, he was not in his right state of mind (confirmed by a judge); he did his time and got excellent help. He is now (and always was before then) a responsible, smart, caring, loving, trustworthy individual. He has taken all appropriate steps so this can never happen again.

          1. We all hope it never happens again, but is anyone here willing to personally guarantee it? I guess CARES is willing to. When CARES willfully lies to fraudulently obtain a government issued license for an employee whom is a subcontractor for the city, the potential for massive lawsuits is tremendous. All you who are saying this is no big deal remember if something goes wrong and you as taxpayers are on the hook for millions, get out your checkbooks and say “Hey,no big deal.” This whole thing would have been avoided if there was no lie in the beginning. Every organization, business, family, takes on the persona of it’s leader. CARES is no exception. There are many good people within CARES who are there for the right reasons, but honest and moral leadership is lacking. It makes me wonder what else is there that we haven’t found out about yet.

          2. Everything you just mentioned is completely inaccurate, based entirely on a letter that has no substantial evidence while also providing inaccurate observations.

            In the future please educate yourself before making such large accusations.


        2. You will note that the story is a letter to the editor, someone’s opinion. It is not presented as a news story. As far as I know, we still operate on the assumption that charges have to be proven in this country. So I think it is on the letter writer to prove that what he is saying is factual. CARES is saying that there is more/another side to the story and I believe that.

          1. Seems to me the OP provided us the avenues to verify. What has Debra provided? Call me?? Not good enough for my tax money. We all know your relationship with CARES so it is hard for me to just take your word for it. Let’s hear from CARES leadership if the letter to the editor is full of falsehoods.

  13. Gee, why don’t we just take all of he armed robbers and put them on the police force, code enforcement, and animal control? Just because someone chases people with an ax, or threatens them with a weapon, well, they’ve served their time. Obviously most rapists have a great future as traffic cops on rural roads, preferably on the night shift.

    Heck, lets send the child molesters to study education over at WWU or CWSU.

  14. Maybe Roger should quit trying to destroy a young man’s livelihood.
    This young man made one mistake, many, many years ago.
    Since that time he has matured into a hard working, kind and compassionate member of the community. He puts in more than an honest days work everyday of the week, and more. Additionally, he is a wonderful father and has been an excellent caregiver.

    For someone to suggest that the animals aren’t safe is so far beyond ridiculous that I have a difficult time finding the right words to reply with. ” How ignorant are you?” would be the polite version.

    As far as Mr. DeLorm is concerned, maybe he should take a look at his own families criminal arrest records before throwing stones at others.

    I do not claim to know the ins and outs of how this employee was hired and what rules may or not have been followed. I do not even care enough to even ask Debra George about it. I just know that he is doing an excellent job and his employment should not be at risk because yet one more person has a personal vendetta against CARES and most likely against Debra herself. Get a life and quit trying to destroy someone else’s.

  15. I used to work in criminal law and it is incredibly difficult for a convicted felon to find work regardless of how brief or extensive their lack of judgment was. With so many repeat offenders in and out of prison you should have hunted down this man to applaud him and encourage him. In your own words: he plead guilty and served his time. There should not be an additional punishment for taking responsibility for his actions and becoming a productive member of our community.

  16. Roger.
    What is your purpose for exposing certain peoples past and rudely doing it on a public form? How would you like it if it were you or a close family member? We all have done things we’re not so proud of, but we learned from our mistakes, matured and moved on with our lives . I’ve volunteered with these wonderful caring people for over 4 yrs now. They have shown nothing but respect and love for every animal and volunteer that has passed through their doors. I wouldn’t have volunteered for this long if I’d noticed any bad treatment of the animals or people.

  17. Like everone said he did his time he deserves to work and not have this over his head forever everyone makes mistakes this was not something that just happen it’s been years let him live his life,who knows this job probably helpen him in many ways to become a good community person. EVERYONE SHOULD JUST LEAVE HIM ALONE.

  18. A few months ago, I called CARES to ask for help capturing an injured wild animal that had taken refuge under my porch. Because it was a wild animal, CARES let me know that it would need to go to SW Critter Care in Kent for treatment. The CARES officer who came out– right away– to help was remarkable. This young man was so gentle and caring in his capture and handling of this small, scared little creature that I almost teared up watching him. He patiently answered all of my questions and gave me a great deal of very helpful information. And then he volunteered to take the animal all the way to Kent for me, asking if I would please stay in touch with SW Critter Care about the animal’s progress and call him back to let him know, too.I was so impressed with the kindness and professionalism of this officer that I asked for his card, which I put on my refrigerator so I would be able to call *him* if I ever had an animal control issue in the future. My heart is heavy that someone like him is being persecuted in this despicable way.

  19. This is what Scott S. has to say-Scott Schaefer says:
    March 2, 2017 at 1:56 pm

    FYI we only posted this letter after we had read several internal documents that city staff and council had been reviewing about this case, which corroborated the claims.


    All the usual Debra George screamers(Laura Stiles aka Laura, Laura Helms, Connie Hughes aka Connie and the usual lot) have tried to detract from what the real issue is.
    CARES and Debra George gave false information to the State Criminal Justice Center, the Washington State Animal Control Association, the CARES auditor, the Burien City Council to give law enforcement training to someone who did not quality for it. And when she was found out, then she again gave further false information to the City Council to keep her contract. In addition, she was out of compliance with her city contract for several years and did nothing to fix the situation. I have a feeling that the animal enforcement officer also knew he could not pass a criminal records check also. So why did they apply for him to get this training? Both parties were at fault. Contractors like CARES with this dishonest level of leadership should not have city or public service contracts.

    This is not a new behavior for Debra George. In 2011, 50% of the CARES board resigned over the same kind of issues. Go back and look at the resignations of Sheri Meyers and Guy Knepp. They gave 16 reasons for why they were resigning and posted them on this blog. They also sent a letter to Mike Martin and the City Council about their resignations-Debra George was not being honest with the city and citizens about animal counts, finances and staffing. Public Health had to close CARES in 2012 because they did not follow the rules. And the list goes on. This is no vendetta or witch hunt this is about an organization with dishonest leadership.

    I looked up Mr. DeLorm and could find no felonies related to his name. So mud slinging at him is just that. Yes, a person who has done their time has a right to employment but it should not be in law enforcement of this nature. Martha Stewart is working in her own business but she is not a law enforcement officer in New York. And what about all of those for profit businesses that have been running out of the alleged non profit called CARES? And what about all of the animals they keep having show up as missing in their reports? We would not be keeping any other contractors who did this kinda junk.

    1. First of all, “M Smith,” if you are so sure you know what the heck you are talking about, maybe you would like to give your FULL NAME. I am sick to death of people like you and “Richard G” who get on here and hurl accusations, but want to do so anonymously. I am not in fact the “Laura” above who has worked in criminal law. Unlike you, I always give my full, real name. My last name changed because I got married.

      Also, good grief, you are dredging up WAY OLD news and trying to convince us that it is pertinent now. Your sad, tired examples are from 5 and 6 years ago – not remotely current. CARES has passed multiple audits and routine health department inspections.

      Your attitude is very distasteful and annoying. If you are so sure you are right, come to the council meeting, give your name and address, and testify in person, for the record. See you there.

      1. The fact still remains, CARES was dishonest in obtaining this mans credentials and needs to take responsibility. No one has said “Fire him”. Keep him if you want. Just don’t call him a certified animal control officer and have him perform those duties! CARES needs to follow the rules and their contract. Nuff said!

      2. So, sure enough, no sign of Roger DeLorm, “Richard G” or “M Smith” (Chestine?) at the Council meeting last night. You enjoy stirring the pot but aren’t willing to show your face and testify in public for the Council meeting. I guess it was all a bunch of hot air on your parts – again. Fortunately, Councilpersons Armstrong, Tosta, Bell, and Berkowitz were wise enough to see through your nonsense and will be continuing forward with the CARES contract.

  20. Bravo Roger, Marianne and others! You’ve truly shown your true colors here and grabbed your 15 seconds of fame, haven’t you? Your melodramatics and over exaggerations are almost Oscar worthy! Are none of you aware of of how many service dog programs are run inside prisons, lead by the inmates? According to your attitudes, should those programs be outlawed as well. What is is exactly that you think this man is going to do? I know the young man in question personally and you could not find a kinder, more caring hard worker and provider. This is purely an attempt to besmirch and attack Debra George in an indirect, underhanded manner with absolutely NO regard to what your actions could do to this man’s life. A man that, as I’m sure is true, you don’t even know, nor do you have any interaction with. He is a well-liked, contributing member of society working hard to support his family…if your antics succeed in him losing his job, are you then planning on moving onto pissing and moaning about your tax dollars supporting his family? I don’t care what your issues with Debra are…you can like her or hate her but it doesn’t change all of the hard work she has put into Burien and it’s community, including work with the disabled and the animals that people so carelessly throw away. What have YOU done for our community? Do you volunteer at CARES? Do you do community service to help improve Burien? Do you help with the needy or disabled? Do you do anything at all that isn’t self serving? Because that’s the impression you emit. If you have a problem with Debra, go to her directly! She has already stated that she’s more than willing to talk, so what’s your delay? What deep conspiratorial, treacherous secrets do you think lie under the businesses and workings of Burien? I’ll tell you this much…nothing is private anymore and it’s simple amazing how much you can find out about a person online these days! One would think it would be wise to check the skeletons in their own closets before looking into anyone else’s…of course, I did use the word “wise” there and it doesn’t appear to me that there’s any wisdom in your words…just innuendo, inflammatory accusations, false information and even the false information is only half thought out or researched! So again, bravo! I hope you enjoyed your 15 minutes of fame and your use of it! To wrap up, it behooves me to remind readers that this is an EDITORIAL page…an editorial page is for opinion and ideas only. It doesn’t state, or even imply, that any allegations, statements, conspiracies or opinions are factual, proven or even real. It is not a news page, nor is it a crime blog. Use your brains people…stupidity gives me a headache.

    1. Jen,
      “A man that, as I’m sure is true, you don’t even know, nor do you have any interaction with.”
      (Yes, I have.)
      “What have YOU done for our community?”
      (I volunteer daily.)
      “Do you volunteer at CARES?”
      (No, and I have no desire to.)
      “Do you do community service to help improve Burien?”
      (Yes, I do.)
      ” Do you help with the needy or disabled?”
      (Yes, I do.)
      “Do you do anything at all that isn’t self serving?
      (Again, yes I do, see above.)
      “If you have a problem with Debra, go to her directly! She has already stated that she’s more than willing to talk, so what’s your delay?”
      (No delay. I emailed Debra yesterday to see if this employee is the same man who attacked a customer at the auto supply shop in 2009 with an ax while on drugs. I haven’t heard back from Debra yet.)
      The point of the original letter was that CARES leadership and this employee have apparently lied. In my humble opinion no violent offender should ever work with the defenseless-children, the elderly, the disabled, or animals-even if they have done their time.

      1. You know absolutely nothing and your ignorance of facts is quite clear to the level headed people in this community. I am not oblivious as to the concern that documents were falsified to give this man a job. I haven’t seen his completed application posted publically. I haven’t seen a copy of the criminal background check posted either. I thought this was a country where people are assumed innocent until proven guilty. You and your cohorts are starting your own firing squad with absolutely nothing to substantiate your accusations. When did the B-town blog become his court room and you his judge? You are not privy to the truth of this man’s crime ten years ago. You only know what the media put out there. What you do know is that he has done an amazing job while working at CARES, as attested by the numerous responses praising his work. Not one response has been negative. This man is a not the teenager he was when one terrible event in his life changed him forever. For you to imply that he shouldn’t be around children or animals is utterly ridiculous. His track record has proven that all animals are treated exceptionally well by this man. As for being around children-I can tell you that he is an amazing father. How dare you to publically attack him in this mannner. Nobody is innocent of never having made a mistake, including you. You have your own skeletons. Better hope that you are never on the receiving end of what you are giving out so recklessly.

  21. I’m happy the employee has turned his life around but the concern here is CARES misrepresented the employees criminal history to the CJTC. I’m not sure how you can justify or explain this away. Obviously, the CJTC enough justification to revoke his certification. Not a witch hunt, but the consequence to poor judgment. Again, good on the employee for turning his life around, but what might his victim(s) think should they ever call for assistance from CARES and he responds? What kind of credibility does the management of CARES have when involved in civil or criminal court as part of their contract? The city council and CARES are accountable to the citizens for their actions and we must be able to trust what they tell us.

  22. Give it a break! I suppose you would find a sick satisfaction, if you succeeded with his firing,& the closing of C A.R.E.S.! Let’s give Burien some more problems. Homeless,gangs,crime & stray animals all over. I would think City Council has much more important issues to deal with than this. At least I hope so. Sheesh.

  23. To all you folks who think this is a witch hunt or whatever, please remember that this is “self inflicted” . It all started with a lie, and no amount of deflection and name calling will change that.

  24. Scott Schaefer says:
    March 2, 2017 at 1:56 pm

    FYI we only posted this letter after we had read several documents that city staff and council had been reviewing about this case, which corroborated the claims.


    I had to chuckle as soon as the Debra George screamers again immediately started their denying divas attacks against me as soon as I posted on this blog. While Roger posted his letter in the Editorial section of the blog, please note that Scott confirmed that the information was gotten from several documents that the city staff and council were reviewing. These documents are most probably public information and any one can get them by making a public information request to the city or the CJTC. If Scott or the B-Town Blog have these public information documents, perhaps they can post them for the challengers and the denying divas right now .Actually, Roger was quite kind. He could had posted the actual names of the people involved. He did not. But this animal control officer, was no teenager, he was 27 years old at the time of the felonies. This was a man in his late 20s. And this case did not happen 10 years. ago.Did he really tell Debra George he had no criminal history? He should not be employed in law enforcement but certainly has a right to be employed in other jobs.

    Debra George has had 4 days to provide her side to the story on this blog. She has not and that speaks volumes. She is always very quick to jump in and give her response to any blog stories about CARES. CARES claims it is transparent and professional on its website page But it fails to post the basic information of who are the board members, who s the director, and who are the staff. Its reports to the council that the public has seem have all sorts of numerical errors and gaps. And CARES does not have its most recent 990 report posted on the site. Transparent organizations post these things. Based on what has happened here,CARES is neither transparent or professional and for that reason should not have a city contract. There were ongoing problems and complaints in 2013 and 2014 and 2016 and that is why the city paid for these audits. Whether CARES presented honest information to the auditors now seems questionable.

    And where was the CARES board on this situation? And where was the other animal control law enforcement officer on knowing about this fraud and not reporting it? The real heart of this issue is that the CARES leadership at several levels is dishonest and not trustworthy and should not have a city contract. Debra and her screamers can continue to operate CARES as their own private shelter but it should not have a city contract.

    1. “The real heart of this issue is that the CARES leadership at several levels is dishonest and not trustworthy and should not have a city contract. Debra and her screamers can continue to operate CARES as their own private shelter but it should not have a city contract.”
      Exactly!! Well said M. CARES has some wonderful people within its’ organization but the leadership is at its core dishonest and not trustworthy of our tax dollars. It’s too bad, but the council will most likely again give Debra a pass as she is the cheapest.

  25. I find it very interesting that this letter to the editor was posted and yet nothing about the outcome of Monday’s Council Meeting is mentioned. This young man was put through a tremendous amount of public humiliation and stress. He deserves an apology.

    1. I am happy to report that despite unfounded and malicious information and statements made here, the Council AGAIN voted to keep the contract with CARES, as they should have. They found that all information about CARES and their officers is honest and legal and that keeping CARES running animal control is definitely in Burien’s best interest. Those who started this witch hunt against CARES were also strongly advised that bringing this up AGAIN is against Council policy. All of those in the City of Burien should thank CARES for offering to continue animal control, despite these malicious attempts to ruin them. On behalf of all of the lost and sad animals in Burien, I thank you CARES and especially this ACO.

      1. Thank you for your informative comment. I wish it were in a headline of it’s own. The original letter to the editor got a lot of peoples attention. I believe this outcome should be positioned to get the same amount of attention. Let the public know that no criminal and sneaky wrong doing had taken place, report the outcome for CARES and publically apologize for dragging a man’s past up for public viewing and criticism!

  26. Chestine, for the love of God, let it go! You are embarrassing yourself even more than you have already.

  27. I wondered who would finally stoop so low as to publicize the name of the ACO. “m.smith”, you win the prize. You should be ashamed of yourself. May all of the roaming, homeless and abused animals find happiness in your lawn. Oh, wait, they aren’t out roaming, are they. They are being loved and cared for at CARES, hopefully never to have to encounter someone as low and cruel as you, whoever you are, “m.smith.”

  28. Thank you Mayor Krakowiak, Deputy Mayor Edgar, and Councilwoman Wagner for standing up for the domestic animals of Burien.

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