The time slip receipt shows Huff’s new electric vehicle world record of 202.52mph.
SeaTac-based ‘Faster Than Cancer’ electric dragster racing team – with Steve Huff at the wheel – recently set a new world speed record at the Orlando, Florida Speed World Dragway.

On March 15, 2022 during a private test session, Team Carrell, Huff & Barger became the World’s Fastest electric vehicle in the ¼ mile setting the record at 202.52mph. This is an increase of the record originally set by Huff in May 2020, when the electric dragster became the first to 200mph in the ¼ mile beating out Don ‘Big Daddy’ Garlits to the record.

Huff designed and built the electric dragster starting in 2017 as part of the “Quest for 200mph”. Shortly after accomplishing this goal of being the 1st to 200mph in an electric drag car in the ¼ mile, Huff was diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastatic Upper Tract Urothelial Cancer that has spread to his spine with a tumor bundle in his L3. Through cancer treatment and subsequent immunotherapy at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, Fred Hutch Cancer Research, and UW Medical Center, Huff continues to pursue his passion for racing with his Pro-Lite hydroplane, electric dragster and motorcycle racing teams.

After appearing with Don Garlits on Fox Sports NHRA Gatornationals as a Pep Boys exhibition, Team Carrell, Huff & Barger took the ‘Faster Than Cancer’ electric dragster to Orlando Speed World Dragway with the intent to increase the electric speed record and become the fastest electric vehicle in the 1/4 mile. A feat completed shortly at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, March 15.

“I’m really proud of the team,” Huff said. “We went to Florida with the singular goal of setting a new world record in the electric dragster and we weren’t going to leave Florida until it was accomplished. It was great moving the bar up a little higher. I don’t know how much this car still has in it, but I will certainly find out.”

The Faster Than Cancer Foundation is a non-profit 501c3 formed with the principal members Steve Huff (Steve Huff Motorsports Designer, Builder, Driver), Jill Andrews (Steve Huff Motorsports PR/Marketing), and Bardi Martin (Boyle Martin Thoeny PLLC formerly of Candlebox). Mission: To inspire, educate & support our community through fundraising and marketing, highlighting living with cancer along with a scholarship program for individuals pursuing trades based education.

About Steve Huff
Steve Huff is a Whidbey Island native currently living in SeaTac where he operates 4 motorsports racing teams. Huff was diagnosed and continues to live with Stage 4 Metastatic Upper Tract Urothelial Cancer. In his racing career he has set over 18 world and national speed records on motorcycles and cars.

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