On Monday, June 5, 2023 a team installed new public artwork along the fence between Puget Sound Park and 1st Ave South (map below) that honors the late Conlan Anderson, who was tragically killed in a hit-and-run nearby in 2017.

Community member Natseeri Puttavon coordinated the creation and installation of the artwork which is meant as a memorial to Anderson.

On Monday, June 12, a small dedication ceremony took place.

“The imagery evokes lanterns, which are symbols for the soul in many Eastern cultures, released into a cloudy sky that gradually fades from darkness to light,” the City of Burien said. “Public art is important because it beautifies and gives meaning to our community and deepens our sense of place. When we pass by this wonderful mural, whether while walking or driving, we are reminded of the beauty of life as well as the preciousness of our friends and loved ones.”

“Thank you so much Nat for this wonderful gift to the City!”

Below are photos of the new artwork courtesy Burien Parks (click arrows to view slideshow):

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