by Gina Bourdage

Here are notes from Monday night’s (April 13th) Burien City Council meeting (link to PDF agenda here):

After receiving opposition from local councils and the city of Burien, the 5-acre Puget Sound Park will not be used for low income housing development.

“We are roughly twice the rate of affordable housing opportunity as the county,” said Burien City manager Mike Martin.

“As a city we are not against affordable housing. We welcome affordable housing, but don’t just look for areas that a current park exists and replace it,” remarked Mayor Joan McGilton.

Doug Lamothe, Interim Public Works Director, received wholehearted support from the council on $195,000 budget arrangements for the design efforts on sidewalk installation and street overlay projects.

Current plans include installation of sidewalks on the following streets:

  • SW 136th Street from Ambaum Blvd. to Des Moines Memorial Drive
  • SW 154th Street
  • SW 156th Street
  • SW 132nd from 4th Ave to Ambaum Blvd.

Overlay of the following roads are also included in the project plans:

  • Ambaum Blvd. north of 153rd Street
  • SW 128th street to Des Moines Memorial Drive

Current progress is dependent on receiving additional funding from a proposed stimulus package. The improvements would create local jobs while improving the community.

The city is working with the county clerk to establish August 18th, 2009 as the date for voters to decide on annexation.

“Annexation is a high likelihood in the not too distant future,” said city manager Mike Martin.

Concerns over Burien’s zoning restrictions were brought before the Boundary Review Board by a local property owner.

Currently Burien has a R-24, meaning there can be a dwelling space of 24 units per acre of land in city boundaries.

The county has double that having zoning of R-48.

Planning staff is working on a detailed analysis between Burien’s zoning and the county’s zoning.

“We will begin working with planning commission when we have all of the needed information,” said Scott Greenberg, Community Development Director

“I view zoning as a one way valve, you can go up but you cannot go down. It affects people’s property rights and is not the moral thing to do,” said Councilmember Gordon Shaw.

The council wishes to remind business owners and others that Burien annual Clean Sweep is Saturday, April 25th, with broader “garbage acceptance” than what has been previously allowed.

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