On the agenda for Monday night’s (Mar. 18, 2024) Burien City Council: increase in the city’s minimum wage, reallocation of ARPA funds, Parks, Rec and Open Space (PROS) Plan & more.

The meeting can be viewed in-person starting at 7 p.m. at Burien City Hall, on Comcast TV Channel 21, via Zoom here and via live-stream here.

Download the full agenda packet here.

No word in the agenda on whether there will be any discussion or updates on the King County Sheriff’s lawsuit filed against the City of Burien over Ordinance 832, but it seems likely.

Here are some agenda highlights:




NOTE: Notice to all participants: Pursuant to RCW 42.17A.555, campaigning for any ballot measure or candidate in City Hall and/or during any portion of the Council Meeting – including the public comment period – is prohibited.


  • a) Approval of Resolution No. 507, Adopting the 2024 Parks, Recreation, and Open
    Space (PROS) Plan: Daniel Robben, PaRCS Deputy Director, Casey Stanley, PaRCS Director
  • b) Reallocation of Economic Development American Rescue Act Plan (ARPA) Funds:
    Chris Craig, Economic Development Manager, Lorraine Chachere, Economic Development Specialist, Kim Davis, BEDP Chair, Annie McGrath, Seattle Southside Chamber of Commerce, Virginia Wright, Co-Chair of the Burien Creative District, Andrew McMasters, Co-Chair of the Burien Creative District
  • c) Appointment of Human Services Commission Position: Heather Dumlao, City Clerk, Megan Brehm, Records Coordinator
  • d) Discussion of Human Services American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Grant Funding
    Adolfo Bailon, City Manager: Discussion and Potential Action
  • e) Discussion and Approval of Opioid Settlement: Adolfo Bailon, City Manager, Garmon Newsom II, City Attorney
  • f) Discussion of Ordinance No. 837, Establishing a Minimum Wage and Prohibiting
    Wage Theft: Adolfo Bailon, City Manager, Garmon Newsom II, City Attorney
  • g) City Council Planning Calendar: Adolfo Bailon, City Manager

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