A pair of American Wigeons were photographed at Arbor Lake Park on Saturday, Feb. 11 (male on the right) by Mike O’Kelley:

From March, 2022.

American Wigeons, also known as the baldpate, is a species of dabbling duck found in North America. They are thought to be serially monogamous, and form pairs that remain together during a single breeding season. After the second week of incubation, males usually leave to molt.

O’Kelley adds:

“Marie and I see a flock of them show up each year in the fall. They will winter over and then depart sometime in the spring.

“These small ducks aresomewhat shy of humans. The entire bunch will usually fly off if approached. This pair might be hopeful for a handout.

“A tight knit group, they rarely stray very far from the flock. We often spot them grazing in one of the grassy fields.”

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