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EDITOR’S NOTE: We’re bringing back a favorite feature called “Photo Friday”! If you have a great photo you’d like us to share, please email a medium/high-res image to editor@b-townblog.com and be sure to include what you shot it with, technical settings you used, as well as subject or other details. Thanks!

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Shadows of airplanes over Des Moines.

Photos by Elston Hill

Canon R5 • Canon RF 100-500mm lens • taken from a deck at Wesley, Des Moines.

“I noticed shadows briefly passing through out windows this morning, so I stepped out to the deck and photographed a few of the planes landing. For all of them, they passed over the lower portion of the sun, proof that they were all coming in on the same exact landing approach. All this last week, planes have been landing from the south as they normally do in good weather. I appreciate how quiet airplanes have become as I was only aware of their presence from the shadows they cast.”


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