Did you see it? Us Earthlings were able to witness a ‘Super Blood Wolf Moon’ – aka a rare Lunar Eclipse – on Sunday night, Jan. 20, 2019 (the next one won’t be visible in these parts until 2022). Elston Hill saw it, and photographed it:

“I am writing this in dark at 9 p.m. We have had no electricity since 12:50 today. There were so many clouds, that I would probably not have bothered to see the full moon and eclipse of the moon except that our house was dark so I decided to give it a chance. “Despite some clouds, I was surprised how well we could see the moon. It was really really bright. So bright that I had to set the camera to underexpose by three stops. In some of the pictures you can see the haze of the clouds as well as planes taking off from Sea-Tac. These photos were NOT converted to black and white. “Eventually we got the eclipse as the earth blocked the sunlight from hitting the moon. “This was supposed to be a red moon, but the only red I saw was where the eclipse blocked the sunlight from hitting the moon. “10:20 pm and electricity restored!”
Click images to view larger versions/slideshow: According to Space.com:
“Tonight’s total lunar eclipse is occurring while the moon is near its closest point to Earth for the month, which some call a ‘supermoon.’ “Since January’s full moon is also known as the Wolf Moon, that’s led some to christen tonight’s lunar event a Super Blood Wolf Moon.”
Also, here’s a video of the eclipse:

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