Each candidate running for the Burien City Council Aug. 1, 2023 Primary Election was asked ten questions by The B-Town Blog, covering topics like their reasons for wanting to serve on the council, what they think about current issues in the city, and what kind of solutions they have.

The following responses to the fourth question in our series are from candidates for Position No. 2, which is currently held by Cydney Moore, who is up for reelection.

NOTECandidates are listed in order as per the King County Elections online Voters Guide website. Photos and links are to/from each candidate’s profile on the same website.

What are the best practices and models that Burien can learn from or adopt to address homelessness?

Brittany Williams

Did not respond.

Linda Akey

“An increase in the unhoused is not local to Burien, King County, or Washington. It is a challenge everywhere, and different cities have implemented successful models to address homelessness and drug addiction that perhaps we can learn from, but this is not a one size fits all problem. It will not have a one size fits all solution. 

“We need to find solutions that work for Burien that are compassionate, effective, and fair. I am committed to finding solutions that work for everyone and being willing to compromise. I will listen to my constituents and bring compassion, productive, effective communication, and professionalism to the hard conversations we need as a community to find sustainable solutions that move the most vulnerable from crisis to housed and healing.”

Rut Perez-Studer

“Work with King County and other regional partners to prevent more mental health facilities from being closed due to funding. We are over-utilizing resources for immediate housing units for people who need in-patient facilities to break their cycles of self-harm and networks of violence and addiction.  

“Having in-patient facilities where individuals can fully focus on recovery and becoming their best selves is what is needed in the region. Therefore, working with King County mental health and community partners, along with facility managers and innovative budgeting; we can make the right choices that have long-term viability and health for our communities. There is money for this crisis, we must redirect it to the appropriate locations.”

Cydney Moore

“I believe in proven, data-driven approaches to public policy. We have decades of evidence that shows us a housing first model works to effectively address homelessness. We must ensure people who already have housing aren’t being displaced, as so many families are just barely scraping by, at risk of losing their homes at any moment, and we must create more affordable and accessible housing to accommodate people who are currently out on the street. 

“Addiction, mental and physical health issues, trauma – all of these are problems that are incredibly difficult to overcome. This is especially true for people who spend every moment in crisis, who can’t get proper sleep, who can’t maintain proper hygiene because they don’t have anywhere to shower or store clean clothes, who have limited resources and support, and who live under stress and in fear every single day. By providing housing, we can create a sense of stability that empowers people to improve their situation and get the help they need. We can give people hope for a better future, and show them there is a path forward to a better life.”

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