REMINDER: The deadline to apply to the Des Moines Memorial Drive Preservation Association’s Signal Box Project Call for Artists is coming up on Wednesday, June 8, 2022.

The Des Moines Memorial Drive Preservation Association is the lead agency for a Signal Box Project along Des Moines Memorial Drive with World War I themed art, and they’re seeking Artists.

Signal Box Art is becoming more popular in the region – here are some you may have seen around Burien:

    • The purpose of this project is to have three different WWI renderings to make a recurring artistic showing at intersections along the Drive.
    • The Drive was dedicated in 1921 as a Living Road of Remembrance to the Washington State WWI fallen.
    • DMMDPA strongly encourages women, people of color, LGBT individuals, people with disabilities, members of ethnic minorities, foreign born residents, and veterans to apply.
    • The submission deadline is Wednesday, June 8, 2022 at 4 p.m.
    • Artists are asked to submit samples of their artwork. The chosen artist(S) will be paid to develop designs based on World War I themes.
    • Up to 14 boxes will be wrapped in the cities of Des Moines, SeaTac and Burien.
    • SUBMIT TO: Rose Clark, DMMDPA President:


    • Theme: final artwork needs to be based on themes of World War I.
    • Design: final artworks should be designs of abstract representations that contribute to the visual quality of the streetscape. For example, a limited palette of colors and simple graphic images. Avoid visual clutter. Final artwork should not create driver distraction or be confused with traffic signs.
    • Medium: Chosen artworks will be transformed into vinyl wraps that will be professionally installed. Artist(s) chosen will be required to work with the DMMDPA and vinyl wrap company representative to fine tune the artwork for final product.
    • Signal box specs: art will cover all sides of the signal box. Work can be one single image that will cover all sides of the box or four related images.
    • Commission: $2,000 for artist to develop a grouping of 5 – 6 designs with three final works chosen by jury panel.
    • Finished product will become the property of DMMDPA.


    • June 8: Submission due.
    • Mid to late June: Submission reviewed by independent Art Committee.
    • Early July: Artist(s) contacted.
    • July selected: Artist(s) contacted and start meeting with DMMAPA
    • August 15: Artist(s) submits 5 – 6 final drawings, 3 to be picked by Arts Committee.


    • Pleaseemail Rose Clark at
    • Include your contact information: email, first and last name, phone and mailing address.
    • 5 samples of your most recent artwork via PDF or JPG
    • Why are you applying for this project?

“Thank you for your interest in our project, we look forward to working with you!”

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