REMINDER: It’s still illegal to set off fireworks within Burien city limits, and new penalties are also now in effect for the possession and discharge of them.

A new “social host” ordinance is also now in effect, which places responsibility for the discharge fireworks on to the property owner where discharge of fireworks occurs.

The new penalties are:

  • $500 for the first violation.
  • $2,500 for the second violation.
  • $5,000 for the third and subsequent violations.

“With this unique July 4th holiday, we want our community to celebrate safely with family and friends and remember that fireworks are illegal in Burien, by ordinance enacted by City Council,” said Brian J. Wilson, Burien City Manager. “We urge people to consider the consequences of their actions.”

These penalties can be issued to individuals who either possess or discharge the fireworks as well as those who own or rent the property, even if they are not the ones handling the fireworks or even present at the time.

“We will have extra officers out addressing fireworks violations over the next week,” Burien Police said. “With all that is going on in the world, the last thing any of our officers want to do is write $500 tickets right now. The Burien Police Department is asking for your cooperation and compliance with the City of Burien fireworks ban.”

Please call (206) 296-3311 to report illegal fireworks.

“Every year there are individuals hurt by fireworks or a home is damaged or destroyed because of fire caused by fireworks,” said Chief Mike Marrs, King County Fire District #2. “Just last year, we tragically lost a community member in White Center to a house fire caused by fireworks. We ask you to consider is the risk worth the few moments of thrill?”

Beyond the risk for fire and injury, the loud sound of fireworks can trigger panic and feelings of anxiety for people experiencing PTSD as well as for wild animals and pets.

“We urge our residents to follow the law and not set off fireworks,” says Chief Ted Boe, Burien Police Department. “We will have extra police officers on patrol during the days before and after July 4th. If we see you setting off fireworks, you could receive an expensive ticket and have your fireworks confiscated.”

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