All are invited to come learn about racism at “In Our Shoes,” an exhibit at Lake Burien Presbyterian Church that will run through Oct. 26.

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In mid-July, thirty-one people from Lake Burien Presbyterian Church congregation and our community embarked on a week-long pilgrimage called “The Gospel & Politics of Race”. We started in Montgomery, Alabama, traveled by bus through the Mississippi Delta, to Memphis, Tennessee and ended in Ferguson, Missouri.

Our journey traced the history of racialized terror committed against Africans and those of African descent in this country; from enslavement to mass incarceration and the major movements and many of the key stories between. This important narrative remains largely hidden and conveniently ignored as part of our collective “knowing” of US history as well as the history and complicity of the Christian church.

You are invited to visit our exhibit entitled “In Our Shoes”, designed to share our experiences – what we heard, saw and felt.

“In Our Shoes” bears witness to the faith, grace, courage, humanity, and strength of those who suffered, and continue to suffer, the violence of white supremacy. We hope this exhibit honors the sacred stories we heard and the people we met. We commit ourselves with others, past and present, to resist evil in all of its forms and to work toward a more humane and just world. We must do better.

Please come by and visit “In Our Shoes”!

(Thank you to Lisa Sharon Harper & Freedom Road Associates for being our pilgrimage guides and for helping us to shrink the narrative gap – that distance between the stories we’ve told ourselves about ourselves and what it takes to make things right. Thanks also to all those who supported us in prayer and with financial resource.)

Lake Burien Presbyterian Church is located at 15003 14th Ave SW:

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