Since July, BAT Theatre has been performing “Good Morning, Bill,” a family-friendly comedy adapted by director Rachel Rene to 1980s Seattle from its original setting of 1920s England.

The play follows the love-struck Bill Paradene (Rex Waters) who is trying to disentangle himself from his current girlfriend, Lottie (Madison McVeigh), and profess his love for the formal and aloof Dr. Sally Smith (Karin Rogers). Bill’s uncle, Sir Hugo Drake, (Anthony Floyd) has plans of his own, and comedic complications arise as love tries to find its way through the foibles of the human heart. 

The Aug. 6 show in Burien Town Square Park found dozens of audience members happily spread out over the lawn, basking in the perfect evening weather and munching on their choice of dinner, ready to enjoy the show.

Though outdoor shows have their share of distractions (cars, planes, disruptive passersby) every actor remained unfazed and in character throughout the play. 

Though the play began a tad slow, it was bolstered by the energy Jalyn Green brought to his portrayal of Lord Tidmouth in the opening scene. Tidmouth is the comic relief of the show, being Bill’s rabble-rousing friend from long ago and an even match for McVeigh’s slovenly Lottie.

Rogers brought her characteristic, energetic authenticity to her role as Dr. Sally Smith, and elevated every scene she was in. 

Good Morning, Bill” was originally adapted from the Hungarian play “Doktor Juci Szabo” by British author P.G. Wodehouse in 1927.

At its heart, “Good Morning, Bill” is simply a fun, feel-good romp, and an incredibly pleasant way to spend an afternoon in the sun. 

Final Performances Coming Up

Good Morning, Bill” will run twice more in South King County Parks:

  • Friday, Aug. 11 at 6:30 p.m.: Covington at Covington Community Park & Soccer Field, 17649 SE 240th St, Covington, WA 98042.
  • Sunday, Aug. 20 at 5:00 p.m.: Des Moines at Des Moines Beach Park (in the meadow), 22030 Cliff Ave S, Des Moines, WA 98198.

All park shows are FREE – no tickets required!

More info on “Good Morning, Bill” is here.


Below is a slideshow of images from the play, courtesy Jim Barnia (click arrows to view photos):

For more information, details about past seasons, or information on upcoming seasons, visit the Burien Actors Theatre website.

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