EDITOR’S NOTE: Since our creation in 2007, The B-Town Blog has allowed residents running for local office one free post for when they announce their candidacy:

Sarah Moore announced this week that she is running for Position #5 on the Burien City Council in the 2021 election:

Sarah serves as the Vice Chair of the Burien Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, and is a founding member of the Burien Climate Action Committee.

“I am running for Burien City Council to support Burien by creatively and intentionally engaging with the growth we are already experiencing, and to prepare for the more complex issues that growth is bringing, such as public safety, homelessness, and climate change. I want to ensure that all Burien residents have the opportunity to be heard and have their ideas considered as our city moves into the future. My vision is a Burien that is welcoming and inclusive to all who want to call it home.”

Sarah has advocated for community engagement with the city council on a variety of issues, including housing, public safety and policing, meeting accessibility and inclusivity, climate change, and more.  A lifelong human- and civil rights advocate and the co-founder and Co-Chair of ACLU Burien People Power, Sarah has experience working with the Burien community and city council to ensure that Burien enacts policies that respect the civil and individual rights of all residents.

“Our community is hurting. The pandemic has highlighted the inequalities in our current systems. I want to identify and implement transformative solutions that keep all Burien residents healthy and safe.

    • Public safety is about more than police – it must also provide human services to address the economic and mental and behavioral health needs of our community members.
    • Housing is a human right. We must seek and implement ways to provide housing for all of our residents.
    • Climate change is real, it is happening now, and local action at a community level can reduce its scope and mitigate its damage.
    • We need dialogue about our future. We need to reach out to business owners and community and faith leaders. We need to communicate in new and creative ways, including more outreach in more languages and as it becomes possible, more going out into the places where people live, work and play.”

We are excited to invite you to support Sarah Moore for Burien! To follow along on the journey and join our kickoff and future events, check out our website https://sarahforburien.com/.

To donate to Sarah’s campaign, visit http://sarahforburien.com/donate.

You can also contact the campaign at SarahMooreforBurien@gmail.com to volunteer, or if you have any questions about Sarah or want to share your ideas and/or her plans for Burien’s future.


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