A semi-truck caught fire in a downtown Burien alley on Friday night, May 3, 2024.

The fire burned a semi-truck parked in an alley near SW 152nd Street & 2nd Ave SW at around 10 p.m.

Photo taken the morning after the fire courtesy Carrie Johnson.

A Google Maps Street View shows that the red semi-truck has been parked in that alley for a while:

The county investigator who worked the scene determined that the blaze was accidental, and the truck was not occupied at the time of the fire.

“What led to the ‘accidental’ determination isn’t information I have yet,” Ray Desmarais, Assistant Chief/Fire Marshal for King County Fire District #2 told The B-Town Blog.

“This part of the alley is huge problem with drug use – it’s basically a public restroom, and the Tori Sushi people keep having their dumpsters broken into,” Carrie Johnson, owner of nearby Aya Yoga told The B-Town Blog. “So, the assumption is that someone broke into the semi, maybe to sleep, and started the fire.”

There were no injuries to anyone or damage to the building, outside of some smoke staining.


Below is video showing firefighters extinguishing the fire, courtesy Hector Ramos:


Below are some photos of the scene as shot on Monday, May 6 by Scott Schaefer:

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  1. I believe we have a FIRE BUG in the area! The next day, Sunnydale Elementary was set on fire again two weeks after set fire the first time. The person definately knew where our clothing bank was to set it on fire!!!!

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