Over the weekend, several Artists created brand new mural masterpieces in the “Art Alley” located behind SW 152nd Street in downtown Burien. The event – the first ever – was called “Northwest Mural Masters,” and is the brainchild of Sam Sneke, local artist and The Art Alley founder. John White and Shelli Park created this video: [youtube]https://youtu.be/W9DoZTrUp-A[/youtube] And resident Elston Hill and his wife Jackline took these photos (click images to see larger versions/slideshow): aAug1_1359 aAug1_1352 aAug1_1323c aAug1_1323a aAug2_1088 aAug2_1088a aAug2_1088b aAug2_1088e aAug2_1088d aAug2_1088c aAug2_1538 aAug2_1503 aAug2_1408 aAug2_1407 aAug2_1406 aAug2_1374 aAug2_1563 aAug2_1583 aAug2_1699 This 3-day mural festival featured the following Northwest Artists:

  • JOE NIX https://joeynix.wordpress.com/
  • HONOR ROLL http://honoredfour.com/ Honor Roll is a collection of artists from the Seattle area who have been creating murals and working in community arts enrichment for over ten years.
  • THEY DRIFT http://carlosgaguilar.com/tag/graffiti/ The collaborative work of Carlos Aguilar & Ksra
  • GAME NOT FAME http://gamenotfame.com/ “The passion of Game Not Fame is artistic expression through imagery. Our experience transforming space translates well to any medium.”
  • KEL1ST http://kel1st.com/
  • KLASS RTW http://www.drymounted.com/pin/1116 Klass, of The Rolling Thunder Writers of NYC Subway Graffiti fame. One of the most prolific, heavy-hitting graffiti crews in the history of graffiti art. RTW covered the period from 1976 well into the end of subway graffiti in the 1990’s. Known from their very psychedelic origins…from Central Park’s Band Shell to the One Tunnel…Where Hippie meets Hip-Hop, the funk gets stronger! And beyonder!
  • APAUL and SNEKE (our very own) http://instagify.com/media/1039366783965195771
The Art Alley is a designated alleyway between 4th Ave SW and 6th Ave SW in the SW 152nd Alley. The goal of this project is to celebrate the different styles and collaborations of street art, graffiti and more traditional muralists. This type of art deters unwanted graffiti and other undesirable and illegal activities, while creating positive energy in neglected areas, such as alleys…as well as a sense of community, and possibly tourism!]]>

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  1. Simply terrific…thank you and what talent! Burien is so depressing and run down, but this just makes it come alive…

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