The Port of Seattle and King County are exploring the potential for developing an International Public Market (IPM) facility in South King County, and are now seeking community recommendations for a future site for this project.

Community members are invited to submit recommendations (i.e.: “It should be located in Burien and here’s why…”) and any questions about the Phase 1 study by this coming Monday, Nov. 20, 2023.

Here’s more info from the Port of Seattle:

In Spring of 2023, the Port of Seattle and King County hired New Venture Advisors to conduct a feasibility study to determine if an International Public Market (IPM) is the right fit for our community and region.

The goals of the International Public Market concept would be to serve as a tourist attraction for tourists and visitors, provide a gathering space, showcase local cultural foods and products, and support economic development and entrepreneurship for small businesses, with an emphasis on ethnic businesses.

This facility has the potential to advance King County as a leading tourism destination and expand economic opportunities in near-airport communities and within the County as a whole.

Review the Phase 1 Report and Submit Your Questions

Phase 1 is complete. Review the full research findings→

Community members are invited to submit any questions about the study and findings by November 20, 2023 using this Google Form. The project leads and consultant will respond to all questions submitted during an information webinar in early December. This webinar will be an opportunity to provide clarifications or context to the report.

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4 replies on “Should Burien be a potential site for an International Public Market? Submit your feedback by Monday, Nov. 20”

  1. How would burien do a international market ? They don’t even have enough money to build a shelter for the hundreds of homeless here , the crime. Hire more police and fix the roads before you go spend millions on a market . Fix our city first ?

  2. Yes, definitely, actually I don’t know why burien is so convenient for everything and the location is right next, to airport and I don’t know why we don’t have a lot of stuff like hotels and more people who need hotels they drive literally from burien to almost next to Kent, to find a hotel I don’t know why we have a lot of land here in Burien and I don’t know why they don’t invested in Burien

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