On the agenda for Monday night’s (Nov. 20, 2023) regular Burien City Council meeting: code of conduct and services, location for a potential Pallet Village, arts and culture grants, mid-biennium budget and more.

The meeting can be viewed starting at 7 p.m. in-person at Burien City Hall, on Comcast TV Channel 21, virtually via Zoom here, or via livestream here.

Download the full agenda packet here.

Here are some agenda highlights:


  • a) Presentation of 2024 Arts and Culture Grants: Caroline Bobanick, Recreation Supervisor, Andrew McMasters, Arts Commission Chair
  • b) Presentation of Ordinance No. 830, 2023-2024 Mid-Biennium Budget: Eric Christensen, Finance Director, Kaitlyn Graham, Financial Analyst



Notice to all participants: Pursuant to RCW 42.17A.555, campaigning for any ballot
measure or candidate in City Hall and/or during any portion of the Council Meeting –
including the public comment period – is prohibited.


  • a) Code of Conduct and Services, and Location for Potential Pallet Village: Adolfo Bailon, City Manager
  • b) City Council Planning Calendar: Adolfo Bailon, City Manager

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