Sound Transit CEO Julie Timm announced on Tuesday, Dec. 12, 2023 that she will be resigning from the agency in order to “return to the East Coast to take care of family matters.

Since joining Sound Transit in September, 2022, Timm has overseen a renewed emphasis on the rider experience as Sound Transit approaches the opening of several new extensions, starting with East Link next spring.

“Her focus and leadership in centering current and future riders in the agency’s capital and operating programs will benefit the region for years to come,” the agency said,

Timm’s last day with Sound Transit will be Jan. 12, 2024. 

The board and staff leadership will form a transition team to navigate the agency through the leadership transition. The board is expected to appoint an interim CEO in the weeks ahead.

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One reply on “Sound Transit CEO Julie Timm announces that she’s resigning”

  1. Pre-pandemic I was a regular rider of Link light rail. I have ridden Link twice in the past month and find it changed for the worse. The stations and cars are dirty. Tukwila Station parking lot is filled with trash. Tukwila Station had 6 security officers at 4P making me concerned about the safety of the station to require that many security officers. Heading home at 10P from University Street Station there was a young woman so high on drugs she was (thankfully) unable to light another drug she was attempting to take and could not walk to the train. On the train car was a man who also was high and could only stand by holding on to a pole. Thankfully he exited at the 2nd stop. A woman with all her possessions took up the last 2 rows of the car as she slept. Finally, upon reaching Tukwila Station a man lit his reefer just after stepping off the train. I could smell the pungent marijuana odor all the way to my car. Ms Timm may have been concentrating on “the customer experience”, but Link has a long way to go to make me feel safe. I hope the next director can restore Link’s “customer experience” to what it once was. I am frustrated that after spending my tax dollars on Link I feel uncomfortable riding our system.

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