A strange metal obelisk structure suddenly appeared overnight in the Woodmont Beach area of Des Moines, according to a neighbor who sent us these photos:

“I was out walking my dog this morning and saw this giant metal structure – is this new?” asked the resident. “I don’t remember it. It’s on private property in Des Moines so I’m not sure revealing its actual location is something I should do. I estimate it is nearly 10 feet tall.”

Many may recall that last summer, a mysterious obelisk similar to this one suddenly appeared in the desert in Arizona before disappearing.

Might they be related?

We also received the following surveillance video, shot early this morning near the same location, with a note about a mysterious incident happening at 7 p.m. tonight (Monday, June 21, 2021), which may or may not be live-streamed on our B-Town Blog Facebook page:

If you have any information on this anomaly, please email scott@southkingmedia.com.

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