UPDATE: The ongoing ‘Pardon or Eat’ turkey food fundraiser is almost over, as Normandy Park residents Candace and Tay Krull share some grateful news – BOTH turkeys have been officially pardoned! As we previously reported, the Krulls created a display pen outside their home for their birds – Tom and Jerry – that includes signage encouraging folks to help decide whether the birds should become dinner, or be pardoned. “I thought it would be good for the boys to have a way to do something for the homeless that we could do as a family, and would have a little bigger impact,” Candace told The B-Town Blog. “So I came up with the idea to use our turkeys and have people vote (with cans of food) on whether we keep the turkeys, or whether we eat them.” The turkeys were purchased last spring as chicks from the local feed store, as Candace thought it would be “really funny” to get a couple of turkey chicks along with a couple of chicken chicks and see how long before Tay noticed that things didn’t look quite right. But despite it being Thanksgiving, it’s not quite over yet. “Feel free to bring family and friends by to see the turkeys to wish them a Happy Thanksgiving,” Candace said. “We’re still collecting food so toss a can in when you come by.” Happily, the pardoned Turkeys will be going to a new home at a sanctuary in Bellingham. Currently the Krull’s have collected 2,511 food donations (as of Nov. 21), which they’ll donate to Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission. “We’ll have the turkeys out collecting food until the end of this weekend,” Candace said. So you have until Sunday, Nov. 25 to check out the turkeys and donate! KING5 recently did a story about the Krull’s fun fundraiser: Some other updates:

  • Normandy Park Mayor Jonathan Chicquette (pictured above) conducted an official ‘pardoning ceremony’ recently
  • PETA’s Los Angeles office emailed and will be sending a Tofurkey to the Krulls!
  • On Wednesday, Nov. 21, they were expecting a large influx of donations from the matching donor
And there’s some exciting news as well: “Jerry (the female turkey) started laying eggs last week. So far we have five eggs in the incubator, and even though these turkeys are leaving it looks like we may have a handful of new chicks in about 28 days!” Candace added. Perhaps this will happen again next year? Stay tuned! You can still donate to the fundraiser by wishing the turkeys Happy Thanksgiving while donating non-perishable cans of food at the corner of SW 200th Street and 3rd Ave SW in Normandy Park until Sunday, Nov. 25:

We hope your Thanksgiving is as good as Tom and Jerry’s!


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